Advanced Hair Styles - Cut

Basic Hair Styles - Cut

Creative Hair Style - Cut

Hair Conditioning with Blast Dry

Hair Conditioning with Blow Dry

Blow Styling (short)

Blow Styling (medium)

Blow Styling (long)

Crimping (short)

Crimping (medium)

Crimping (long)

Hair Do (medium)

Hair Do (long)

Ironing (short)

Ironing (medium)

Ironing (long)

Partial Straightening - Bangs

Partial Straightening

Perming (short)

Perming (medium)

Perming (long)

Perming - Extra Long

Roller Setting - Long

Straightening - Short

Straight Therapy - Short

Straightening - Medium

Straight Therapy - Medium

Straightening - Long

Straight Therapy - Long




*Service tax extra * Prices mentioned are indicative. Please contact your nearest salon for more information.