How to Pick the Right Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day 


A bridal makeup artist you pick can make or break your big day look. And who does not want to look their best on their big day? But with so many available bridal makeup salons at your service, there is almost too much choice that makes it hard to find the perfect one for yourself. So what do you do? Limelite Salon and Spa, one of the best bridal salons, is here with a blog on tips to keep in mind when choosing the right bridal makeup artist for your D-day. 

Do your research 

If not very early, at least 3 to 4 months before your wedding, start researching the best bridal salons nearby in your city. If you have recently attended a wedding and liked the makeup and hairstyle of the bride, ask for a reference. It is also helpful to look for bridal styling inspirations and shortlist a few looks that you like. Most bridal makeup artists have their signature style, whether the stand-out eyes or a different hairstyle, so do thorough research about makeup artists and connect with them to understand the services. 

Look for the reviews 

Trust us when we say this; reviews matter. Every bridal makeup artist has a track record, and it is necessary to read the reviews left by the previous brides. Check the social media handles of the makeup artist and look for comments posted on the posts to know about the work. If possible, check with a few real brides about their experience before going ahead with the artist. 

Consider hygiene and sanitation practices 

Post pandemic situations, it is essential now more than ever to be aware of hygiene; when it comes to personal services like makeup and hairstyling services. Poor hygiene practices in makeup include steps like double-dipping, no brush cleaning, blowing on brushes, reusing disposables like makeup sponges, using fingers and hands as palettes, etc. Bridal makeup salons must very strictly instruct their artists to stay away from these practices as they are not just unhygienic but can also cause infections. Before you finalize a makeup artist for your big day, ensure that the salon they come from takes care of hygiene and sanitation practices. 

Let the artist know about the venue 

No matter how much you like the work of a particular makeup artist, it might be a chance that the artist may not be comfortable traveling to a venue. Many artists choose to work in controlled environments such as hotel rooms. So, if you are planning an outdoor wedding, let the artist know. Also, in case of a destination wedding, check if the artist would be comfortable traveling and make sure to discuss the expenses. 

Be frank about your budget 

Like any other aspect of wedding planning, it is also vital to set a budget for makeup and hairstyling services. Make sure to do this before shortlisting the bridal makeup salons. Every bridal makeup artist has a different price range for bridal packages, and the price is generally non-negotiable. Be frank about your budget and discuss the package the artist offers in your budget. You can also customize the package as per your needs if the salon offers the same. 

Examine the products 

Some makeup artists prefer to go ahead with a particular brand’s makeup and styling products. If you are not okay with the brand or have skin sensitivity issues, discussing the matter in advance will help. Check if the artist can swap them with other products that make you feel comfortable. Remember to keep this point in mind while shortlisting bridal makeup artists. Also, if you are new to a particular brand, a trial session will help you figure out your comfort level. 

Don’t skip the trial 

Once you list the top wedding hair and makeup artists, spare some time for a trial run. Even if you find it a little time-consuming and might cost you some extra money, going for it can save you from those last-minute changes. After all, the thing you would want on your big day is to look your absolute best. Additionally, be prepared with at least the swatches of your dress and the jewelry you would be wearing. It will help the makeup artist to put together the entire bridal look. 

Don’t forget the gang 

When choosing a bridal makeup artist, do not forget to factor in these services for your bridesmaids, cousins, and special guests. Let the makeup artist know beforehand how many other people will be needing the styling services and if you can work out a package deal. Plus, it will also help the artist know if any assistants are required. This factor is a must if you have a huge gang. 

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