Buying a New Lipstick? Must Learn tips you cannot ignore


Lipstick is one of the most important make-up accessories in a woman’s bag. There are several different colours in the market, but which one is best suited for you? Choosing a lipstick colour can be a tough task especially if you are not sure what colours are best suited for your skin tone. You can try to figure it out through the pastel chart but that is a hit-and-miss method. The best way to choose a lipstick colour is to know your skin tone. Wondering how? To ease the task, Limelite, one of the best salons in Chennai is here with a guide to help you find the best lipstick colour for your skin tone.

Determine your skin tone

The first step in choosing the right lipstick colour is to determine your skin tone. The five types of skin tones include fair, light, medium, tan, and deep. Coral pink, peach, nude, and rich red are lipstick shades that look stunning on fair or light skin. While in the case of medium skin tone berry, rose, cherry red, and mauve are the perfect choices. Experts from the best salons in Chennai suggest that tan skin goes well with bright red, coral, and deep pink colours, and those with a deep skin tone can pull off their looks with brown and purple lipstick shades such as magenta, wine, copper brown, and blue-based reds.

Understand your skin undertone

Understanding what type of undertone your skin has is as important as determining your skin tone. There are three types of skin undertones – cool, warm, and neutral.

  • Cool Undertone – If you are a person with a pink, red, or bluish hue to your skin, you are a cool-toned person. You can also tell your skin is a cool undertone if silver accessories and jewelry look good on your skin, if your skin tends to burn under the sun before it gets tanned, or if the veins in your wrist look blue. If you have a cool undertone, choose lipstick shades with blue or purple undertones.
  • Warm Undertone – You are warm-toned if you have a yellow, golden, or olive hue to your skin. Plus, if gold accessories complement your skin if you tend to tan easily, or if the veins in your wrist appear green, you have a warm undertone. In such cases, go ahead with fiery reds, oranges, and copper tones.
  • Neutral Undertone – If you have a blend of yellow and pink in the base of your skin, you have a neutral undertone. Also, you can classify your undertone as neutral, if both gold and silver accessories and jewelry go well with your skin. For a neutral undertone, everything from dark hues and lighter shades such as reds like violet, red-based browns, and plum colors work well.

Consider the shape of your lips

The shape of your lips plays a vital role while picking the best lipstick shade for your skin tone. Here’s a quick guide about different shapes of lips and the lipstick colours that go well with them.

  • Top-heavy lips – Consider using a bright lipstick shade on your lower lip and a slightly darker shade of the same color on your upper lip to create an illusion a smaller lip look. Avoid glossy textures on your top lip, as it will make the lips appear larger.
  • Bottom-heavy lips – Apply any colour that suits your undertone, with a little bit of light matte nude color right in the center of your upper lip. This will highlight your upper lips significantly and enhance the shape of your lips.
  • Asymmetrical lips – Ensure to use a lip pencil in a shade similar to the lipstick to even the lips and then apply the shade that goes well with your skin tone.
  • Thin lips – Choose a shade that is two to three shades lighter or darker than your natural lip colour. According to Limelite salon professionals avoiding dark and flashy colours and using a lip pencil to slightly overline your lip shape can make your lips look wider and better.  
  • Wide lips – People with wide lips often have the prettiest smiles. If you like to keep it bright and vibrant, go for shades like orange, red, and hot pink. And, if you like it subtle use mauve, pale pink, or any nude shade.

Think about your hair colour

Sounds strange right? But yes, that’s the truth. Your hair colour has a lot to say about how your lipstick will turn out. Here’s a colour guide to make it work for you:

Hair ColourSkin ToneLipstick Shades
Dark hairFair and light skinBright Pink, Cherry Red, Plum, Scarlet, and Coral Pink
Blonde hairFair and light skinPurple with a pink shade, Dusty pink, Scarlet, Light Pink, and Red shades
Dark hairMedium skinDeep dusty pink, Dusty red, Coral shades, and Salmon Pink
Dark hairTan and deep skinBronze, Beige shades, Golden hues, and Ochre
Blonde hairTan and deep skinSalmon Pink, Warm Pink, Caramel, and Ochre
Red hairFair and light skinBurnt Sienna, Dark Plum, Coral hues, and Bright Red

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