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For Men's Unique styling

We can completely transform your look. It’s all about quality when you are at Limelite.

We have hair spas, head massages, and hair treatments all for you to relax and forget about all sorts of tension you have with us at our Unisex hair salon.

You will feel relaxed and calm with our ultimate range of spas and massages.

Limelite men’s hair salon is providing all type of basic and advanced men’s grooming services. We have threading, waxing, manicure, pedicure, Kerastase , and whatnot!.

The Best Men's Facials

Limelite is the best place to come to for an experience of a lifetime. 

We provide personalized haircuts better than the other men’s hair salons. We are the new style inventor and the hub for amazing and updated styling.

Visit Limelite men’s salon near you to revisit your style.

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Best Groom's Packages

Limelite is among the best men’s salon in the city and  always focuses on meeting clients’ expectations.

You can choose from our special ‘The Classic Groom Package’ for men who like to keep it simple and elegant.

We also have ‘Everlasting Groom Package’ and other rejuvenating treatment, collagen facials, zen spa manicure, pedicure, and more.