Top Hair Salon in Jayanagar, Bangalore – Limelite Salon & Spa

Established in the year 2009, Premium hair salon in Jayanagar, Bangalore has stood strong for over 13 years. It is a one-stop destination for beauty spas, bridal make-ups, hair spas, makeovers and a lot more serving diligently to Jayanagar’s locals and people from other parts of Bangalore too. From growing through all these years to becoming one of the key players in the salon industry in Bangalore, Limelite believes that customer satisfaction is as important as its products and services.

For Men-

If you are wondering which is the best hair salon in Jayanagar, Bangalore, Limelite is the answer. Our most popular services for men include regular haircuts, which begin from Rs. 330; change of style haircut, Beard/moustache trimming, global and streaks colouring, and Various spa options for unwinding like Moroccan oil masks, Alchemy, Intensive, and a lot more. For days when you would like to relax, look into our diverse services in head massages and texturizing treatments on our website here. Who said that women could need skincare? We tend to pamper your skin with our expertise in Jeannot, skin therapy, bleach, detans, and threading. 

With so many options to choose from you can also consult our staff to know what is best for you

For Women-

Good hair and makeup never fail in boosting one’s confidence. This summer radiate that confidence every time you step out of Limelite- a luxury salon in Jayanagar, Bangalore. If you are looking for a change in your hair, go for a Change of style haircut, followed by our various styling services like hair wash, blast and blow dry, ironing, and a lot more. From experimenting to rejuvenating your hair through our color, Olaplex, Metal DX, Hair spa and massages, and texturizing treatments, we have got you covered. Exposed to heat, pollution, and rain, your skin needs to calm down and hence our skin therapy starting from Rs1500, clean-ups, masks, detans, Jeannot, bleach and threading is something you can count on. As people are realizing the drawbacks of shaving their arms and legs, a lot of them have been switching to waxing and so should you. Our Rica waxing for underarms begins at Rs250. Check out our other services like nail grooming, manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, and gel polish perfect to wow people. With this diversity in services, Limelite becomes the top salon in Jayanagar, Bangalore.

Wedding Services

We offer Makeovers and Hairdos for both brides and grooms since your big day is our responsibility to make sure that you look ravishing and flawlessly beautiful. For brides, we swear by looks like Classic Bride, The Elegant One, and Diva Bride Makeover which is going to leave your groom speechless once you enter the venue. For that wedding glow though, we offer clean-ups and facials before your big day. Experience massages and spas that will shoo away all your stress towards the wedding. Our team of experts will curate jaw-drop hairstyles that every girl looking at you would desire. Grooms can select between a simple, traditional appearance and the everlasting groom package, which includes a manicure, pedicure, and relaxing treatments.


1. What are the charges at Limelite Salon in Jayanagar, Bangalore?

The charges of services offered by Limelite vary according to the service you opt for. Our prices are designed keeping in mind the quality of experience that you trust us upon. You can visit our website to learn more about services.

2. Which hair salon is the best to do your haircut in Jayanagar, Bangalore?

In a prime location like Jayanagar, you have a diversity of services offered by multiple salons. Do consider dropping by Limelite anytime. We have the best hairstylists in Jayanagar, Bangalore who are well-equipped with the latest trends and products. 

Address- No.126,33rd cross road, 11th Main Rd, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011

Contact number- 080 4372 3966

3. Why you should visit Limelite Salon & Spa in Jayanagar, Bangalore-

Wide Range of Services: Whether you’re looking for a haircut, hair styling, hair color, facial, massage, or any other beauty treatment, Limelite Salon & Spa has a comprehensive menu of services to cater to your needs. From basic grooming to luxurious spa experiences, we have it all under one roof.

Relaxing and Tranquil Atmosphere: The salon’s ambiance is designed to offer a serene and calming environment, allowing you to unwind and indulge in some self-care. The interiors are thoughtfully decorated, and the soothing background music adds to the overall tranquillity.

Quality Products: Limelite Salon & Spa uses high-quality beauty and hair care products, ensuring that you receive the best results. Their products are carefully chosen to deliver effective and long-lasting outcomes without compromising on your health and well-being.

Hygiene and Cleanliness: Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is a top priority at Limelite Salon & Spa. They follow strict sanitation practices, including regular cleaning, disinfection, and sterilisation of tools and equipment. This ensures a safe and hygienic environment for all customers.


“Very passionate and humble, very prompt and clear at work. Provided good service and reasonable pricing.”


“Super classy hair cut and service, Premium and Kerastase available, got my headwash done, Thank you Limelite.”

-Muhammed Safwan

“High class premium service, I have done my waxing, good staff, Good coordination and team work. Good service.”

-Saravathu Naren

We hope this blog was helpful. Do consider dropping by at Limelite Salon& Spa. Limelite is a premium unisex salon in Jayanagar, Bangalore catering to all the salon services from a basic haircut to olaplex treatments and many more. We have a team of experts who are dedicated and passionate about giving you the best experience that you deserve. So what are you waiting for, book an appointment now!

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