Frequently Asked Questions About Olaplex Everything You Need to Know


Are you curious to know about the brand Olaplex? About the Olaplex treatment and the magic it does to your hair? If that’s so then you’re at the right place! Whether you’re a professional Hairstylist or just a beginner or someone who only wants to know about the brand and the dazzling effects that it has on your hair, you will find it all in this blog breaking down information from the basics and sharing with everyone the most frequently asked questions about Olaplex. Limelite salon and spa which is a premium salon and spa with its branches located across Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore offering a wide range of Olaplex services for customers to take advantage of. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Olaplex 

What is Olaplex and How Does it Work?

For those who are wondering what Olaplex or Olaplex treatment is, Well, It is a hair care product that acts like a bodyguard to your hair protecting your hair from the harmful chemicals that are present in products that can cause damage to your hair during the process of hair colouring and bleaching. The best part of Olaplex is that it not only protects your hair but it also repairs your hair making sure that your hair stays strong and remains healthy during such chemical treatments. Olaplex is widely known and is used by some of the best premium salons like Limelite. 

Are there any Dangers that come with Using Olaplex? 

Well, generally there aren’t any dangers that come with using Olaplex but it is a rare case but for those few individuals who have sensitive hair, Olaplex might cause allergic reactions that can be triggered based on the ingredients used. 

How Long Does Olaplex Last on Your Hair?

Well, it really depends on the usage of the Olaplex products at home and how often one goes to a salon to take up Olaplex services. It could range from 2 to 3 weeks and can come up to a month. Olaplex products do last for a long time when applied on your hair but we do have to consider that it gives temporary results so consistent use of Olaplex products is a must if you really want to maintain that difference throughout.

Is Olaplex Suitable for all Hair Types?

Yes of course! Olaplex is suitable for all hair types. No matter what type of hair type you have, whether it’s straight hair, curly hair or even fine hair, Olaplex is sure to do some magic and leave your hair looking transformed. 

Can you Overuse Olaplex?

Well, you can use Olaplex how often you like! However, some people tend to overuse the product at one single go by applying layers after layers on the hair which in turn will lead to the hair being overcoated leaving a heavy feel.

How will my Hair Respond to the Use of Olaplex Products?

Well, Olaplex firstly swiftly acts to restore the damage that is done to your hair through its patented ingredient Bis- Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate by targeting damaged hair bonds by giving strength and integrity to your hair that has been affected in the past by chemicals from treatments. Not only do Olaplex treatments restore damaged hair but they also protect your hair from further damage. So yes if at all your planning to once again go to a salon and take up a colouring service, you don’t have to give much thought of whether the service will mess up your hair texture because Olaplex forms a protective layer around your hair that lowers the impact of harsh chemicals. 

Is there any Plastic in Olaplex?

No, not at all. Olaplex doesn’t contain any plastic ingredients. Olaplex  contains the main ingredient which is Bis- Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate and take note that this ingredient is not plastic nor does it contain any making it safe to use for all hair types.  

Why are some Olaplex Products only Certified for Salon Use?

Well, some products are highly concentrated so therefore they are only applicable for salon use as the experts at the salon know the workings behind Olaplex. Some Olaplex products are kind of intense and can give away some extra smoothness and shine. Salon experts will know how to make good use of the product and bring the best out of your hair. If you’re looking to add some shine and smoothness to your hair then just simply visit an Olaplex hair spa like Limelite.

Can Olaplex NO ° .3 Hair Perfector be Used at Home?

Most certainly! Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector does the exact same thing – repairing the bonds in your hair. It serves as a smaller treatment compared to what a salon offers, specifically designed for home care. Alternatively, you can visit a professional hair salon, such as Limelite Salon and Spa, to undergo a complete Olaplex treatment if you desire the full Olaplex experience. 

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Limelite salon and spa Olaplex Services 

If you’re going in for an Olaplex salon treatment, then Limelite Salon and Spa is your top spot to be! We offer an amazing experience at a reasonable Olaplex treatment price. Limelite provides a variety of Olaplex services for you to choose from based on your hair needs, such as the Olaplex Stand-alone Treatment available for short, medium, and long hair. Additionally, explore our Olaplex color add-on services like Olaplex Color Service Treatment and Olaplex Color Service with Foil, with prices varying based on your hair length.


In conclusion, Olaplex is your hair’s superhero, always ready to save the day! It has gained immense popularity, serving as both a professional treatment and a daily at-home care solution, acting as an ultimate protector. Olaplex excels in providing strength, repairing hair damage, and delivering a radiant appearance. The FAQs have covered a range of topics, from the basics like ‘What is Olaplex?’ to its advantages, and the diverse services offered by Limelite Salon and Spa, catering to the needs of all customers. Limelite doesn’t stop at Olaplex; it offers a variety of services for both men and women to choose from.

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