Limelite Salon & Spa, Best Hair Salon in Ashok Nagar, Chennai


Limelite has been in the business for almost 23 years since its start in 2000 providing quality services to its customers. Limelite’s main motto is to provide the most relaxing services which is almost like a pampering given to the customers. With quality beauty services offered, Limelite promises you that you will leave the salon, a transformed person, looking good and feeling fabulous! If you’re looking out for the top salon in Ashok Nagar, then Limelite is your go to destination! 

In this guide we will be looking into Limelite Hair salon in Ashok Nagar.

Services for Men

Men are always looking out for a good hairstyle that will elevate their look and also something which will make them stand out and provide a boost in their personality. If you’re looking out for a Top salon in Ashok Nagar then Limelite is the place that you want to be at. Limelite offers quite a collection of services when it comes to men. Some of the services offered are Texturising services like straightening, smoothening and keratin, Hair Colour services like Streaks Colour or Fashion streaks Colour that is priced from Rs. 350 onwards up to Rs. 550. You can also walk in and get yourself a Pedicure or a Manicure service starting from Rs.550 onwards up to Rs.2070. There are also other services offered for men such as Rica Waxing services, Kerastase services, Scalp Rituals and more!

Services for Women

If you’re looking for a Luxury salon in Ashok Nagar or for a Beauty parlour in Ashok Nagar to get a stunning haircut or maybe a makeup service, then Limelite should be your go to destination! There is a vast variety of services that Limelite offers for women to choose from! Women can walk in and get a relaxing Head Massage like a Coconut Cadence or an Absolute Destress which is priced from Rs. 700 to Rs. 1000 or probably even for an easing Thai Foot Reflexology or even for a Nail Extension service like Extension removal or a Gel Extension with Gel Polish service ranging from Rs.800 to Rs.3000. There are also other services that are offered for women such as Jeannot services,  Detan services, Cartridge Waxing services and many more!

Bridal and Groom services

Your Big wedding day, your memorable moment. If you’re looking out for Bridal Makeup in Ashok Nagar or for the best salon in Ashok Nagar to get ready for your big day then Limelite is the place to choose!  Limelite offers several services for both the Bride and the Groom! When it comes to the bride, we have Classic Bride, The Elegant One service, The Diva Bride Makeover service and more! which are offered to all our Bridal queens who want to look stunning on their wedding day. When it comes to the groom, we have The Classic Groom service and The Everlasting Groom service for all the Grooms to look handsome and classy on their important day! 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) 

What are the costs of the services at Limelite in Ashok Nagar?

The cost varies depending on the type of service provided to you. The price could also vary depending on the location and the prices are exclusive of Tax. Whatever is the service you’re going for, Limelite offers quality services at a reasonable price.

Which hair salon is the best in Ashok Nagar where you can get yourself a haircut?

If you’re looking out for the best Unisex salon in Ashok Nagar to get yourself a haircut then it has to be Limelite! Limelite offers various types of hair services and others too to get your hair game look on! Whatever the look you’re going for, Limelite will definitely deliver.

Which is the best salon to colour your hair in Ashok Nagar?

Looking to get your hair coloured? Then Limelite is your go to place. Hair Colour service is quite popular among both men and women. All you have to do is scurf through your phone and choose your desired hair colour and show a hair stylist at Limelite and he or she will definitely bring your desired look to reality.

Which hairstylist is the best in Ashok Nagar?

Whether you’re looking for the best hair stylist for male in Ashok Nagar or the best hair stylist for female in Ashok Nagar, all the hair stylists in Limelite are professionals who deliver the best results always but there will definitely be someone who will bring out the best of what look you’re going for.

Which Salon is the best for men in Ashok Nagar?

If you’re looking for what are the best hair salons in Ashok Nagar for men then Limelite is hands down one of them! There are a lot of services offered for men to choose from to look fab!

Which is the best spa for my hair?

The best spa for your hair depends on the type of hair you have and its texture. There are various spa services that Limelite offers! 

What is the price of hair colouring at Limelite Salon?

The starting price of hair colouring varies for men and women. When it comes to men the starting rate is Rs.350 and for women the rate is Rs.450.  The rate increases depending on the type of hair colour service you want. 

Can I get the rates for each individual service?

If you want to know the rate of each service, then you can just load up the Limelite website and you will find the service and the price tag mentioned side by side.


Had a great experience and they know what’s best for the skin type and Mumtaj had done a great work. She is my go-to person whenever I visit the salon
Swetha Virupakshan

I really like to visit limelite Ashok Nagar again because the staff are very professional and they are very polite to the customer i have done facial and head massage there by JYOTI which was very very relaxing….
Balwinder Singh

One of best salon in Ashok pillar area. Staffs are very nice and experienced especially vimal raj my best pick for all. Place are very neat and clean. Definitely recommend place for salon and spa
–  Pragadeesh Vijendiran


7th Avenue,

Opp. to Dindigul Thalappakatti,

Ashok Nagar,Chennai-600083

Contact NO: 044 45566779

One of the top 10 hair salons in Ashok Nagar is Limelite Salon and spa with professionals there who will provide you the spot-on services at reasonable rates. We are sure that once you enter our Salon, you will leave out more than satisfied feeling amazing and blissful.

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