How to Manage and Style Curly Hair: Experts Best Tips


Curly hair can look really beautiful on a person but maintaining one’s curls can truly be a challenging task to achieve but no need to worry because that’s where our salon experts come in, to provide you with some secret tips and steps ranging from trying out different hairstyles like a one side hairstyle, step cut for short hair or a feather cut for long hair, different services and also steps that one can follow at home in order to maintain each and every curl and make them radiant out with dazzle. If at all you want to seek a salon’s help then just visit Limelite salon and spa which is a premium salon and spa with its branches located at Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore to maintain your curly locks and make them look beautiful.

Understanding your curl type        

Yes curls have a type too and it’s important to take note of what type of hair curl you have! The first type is wavy hair. Just imagine the formation of waves or check out whether your hair has an S shaped look. If you notice something like this in your hair then it is wavy curls. The next type is curly hair where your hair will appear to be tighter and then you have the last one which is coily hair. Coily hair appears to be completely tight and the hair resembles a corkscrew. 

Tips and steps to take for managing and styling your hair 


As always, a special shoutout to hydration. Whatever the hair type, length or style you have whether it’s a long hairstyle for boys or whether it’s a short haircut for girls, or anyone else hydration is key to maintaining beautiful looking hair. Compared to straight hair, curly hair tends to lose moisture faster which in turn leads to the hair becoming kind of frizzy reducing the amount of natural curls present. 

Wet hair 

Avoid touching your hair if it is wet. Curly hair can lose its formation if touched when wet making it in turn to become frizzy. If you want to avoid this, it’s suggested to wait for a while and let your hair dry out or otherwise use hair drying tools at a very low heat to make sure that your curls stay intact. 

Regular trims 

It’s better to go in for trimming from time to time or even go in for some short hairstyles in order to prevent split ends. Are you looking for a salon to provide you with some amazing trims and short hairstyles? then just search for “small hair cut for men” or “short hair styles for girls” or even “small hairstyle for men” and check out the word “Limelite” to pop up. If you do, just simply click on the link and check out our website where you can have a look at  the services and prices for hairstyles if you’re interested in getting one.

Minimize usage of heat styling tools 

Try to avoid using heat styling tools too long and also exposing yourself to too much heat. If you’re using tools such as ironing tongs or curling tongs then use them less because you could risk not only losing the shape of your naturally defined curl but also risk your dry becoming too dry leading to frizz. 

Protective hairstyles 

Whether you’re checking out hairstyles for men, male hairstyles or female hairstyles, Go to a professional salon and spa and ask your hairdresser what hairstyle he or she suggests you to go for to protect your curls based on the symptoms you witness with your hair and also your hair type.   


If you’re not sure or have no clue on how to manage or style your hair curls then do consult a professional hairstylist and also do note that we at Limelite offer free consultation! Do ask a professional hairstylist questions like what is best medium hair cut for girls or what is the best hairstyle for boys or even for some new hairstyles for men and women so that he or she can provide you with an amazing hairstyle and also with an easy-to-follow routine that will not only leave your hair glowing healthy but also with a style that shouts out cool and beautiful.

Harsh ingredients 

Say no and stay away from harsh ingredients, especially ingredients such as sulfates and silicones that completely washes your hair away from its natural oils, not only getting rid of your naturally defined curls but also making your hair become dry and frizzy. Not only this but it also makes your hair lose its complete texture. While investing for hair products watch out for these two ingredients. 

Coiling your hair 

Coiling your hair with your finger can actually help retain your curl pattern and also give it a more defining shape! All you have to do is put your finger between a few hair strands and twist your finger in a circular motion to form a coil. 

Deep conditioning services

What one can do is incorporate going to a salon and taking up some deep conditioning services in their monthly routine schedule. Going for such services helps you to nourish and strengthen your curls. One can also go in for various masks. All one has to do is just ask their hairstylist which is the best for glowing skin or for oily skin or according to your skin type and your other needs. 


To sum it up, following the steps mentioned above guarantees that your curls will be fresh and well-maintained. These tips are not only professional but also serve as advice to help you take care of your hair and stay beautiful. Visit any Limelite Salon and Spa branch to experience a wide range of services for both men and women. Whether you’re seeking protective hairstyles for curly hair, a wedding bridal hairstyle, a feather cut for long Indian hair, or formal hairstyles for men, Limelite is sure to leave you looking fabulous!

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