Valentine’s Day beauty prep: Services that will leave you looking beautiful on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is just a few days away and it’s time to get yourself ready in time to celebrate the day of love! And what more than to treat yourself to some lovely beauty services. You may be looking forward to looking pretty or handsome for a date night or maybe just taking up some beauty treatments from a makeover salon to just show some love to yourself that will leave you dazzling! There are a lot of salon shops that are there in the beauty business that offer services from haircuts to manicures and to some lovely hair spas but one that stood out the most is Limelite which has been in the beauty game for so many years. If you’re new to the term Limelite, well Limelite salon and spa is a premium salon and spa with its branches across Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore offering professional services catering to all your beauty needs. 

Beauty services to leave you looking amazing Valentine’s day 

If you’re heading towards the nearest salon by your place or just searching for a lady’s salon or a Unisex salon that provide beauty salon services then these are the services you should seek out for so that you can look your best on Valentine’s day. 

1) Hair services: One can go to a hair salon and take up hair services ranging from haircuts to styling to colour and so much more. 

  • Haircut and Hair Styling: Both Men and women can take up these services where men can probably go in for beard trimming or go in for a nice Regular Haircut or even for a nice shave and whereas Women can probably go in for a nice Loreal Hair wash blast dry or go in for a Style Directors cut too.
  • Hair Colour: One can take it a step higher by going for a haircolor service like Balayage or a Global Highlights or a Global Colour or even go in for some Olaplex and some Metal DX services to bring the best out of the colour on your hair. 

2) Skin services: Everyone wants to look their best during Valentine’s day by looking fresh, active, rejuvenated with skin that glows out with a pop! So, when you’re surfing your way through the net and searching for a salon and spa near me you should check up for a place that offers skin services. 

  • Cleanups: One can take up skin services to make their skin glow and radiant like an Express Glow Cleanup or an Insta Glow treatment that involves deep cleansing of the face
  • Hydra Facials: Some even choose from some lovely Hydra facial services like a Dead Sea Black Mask or a skin therapy such as an Absolute Grease Control Facial to rejuvenate their face and remove oil, dirt and dead skin cells.
  • Threading: One can also shape away their eyes or any other part of the face to give their face a perfect refined look by going and taking up some threading services. 

3) Body Services:  People go through stress almost every single day which could take a toll on your body and to look your best on Valentine’s day, it is important to keep your body in check too. 

  • Manicures and pedicures: One of the best ways to kick it off is with Manicure services. There are so many services offered for both men and women when it comes to Manicure services and Pedicure services like a Classic Detox Manicure, Footlogix Therapeutic Pedicure, Green Tea Bliss Pedicure, Ice Cream Spa Manicure Signature and way lot more! When you go in for these services, these are the few things that you should expect –

A) Nail Shaping: Everyone likes to see something that is evenly shaped as it is eye-catching, so the same goes for your nails. So, since nail shaping is based on customization, one can choose a nail shape that best compliments their features. 

B) Moisturizing: Moisturizing with nourishing creams or oils to keep your skin soft and hydrated.

C) Nail polish: You can go the extra mile by throwing in some Nail polish. Some of the classic colours to any Valentine outing is cherry red or a rosy pink or even a classic goth black finish. You can even try out some nail art and design your nails according to your liking. 

  • Body Massage: One must go in for a nice soothing body massage to remove all the aches and pains, and the stress that is developed through our daily lives, by telling your skin to take a chill pill and go out on a vacation!

Beauty services at Limelite salon and spa

Well, if you are searching for a salon and spa near me and looking for the best of the best beauty services so that you can look dazzling and impress your partner or just to show some love to yourself, there is only one spot to visit and that is Limelite.  All you have to keep in mind is that when it comes to a place like Limelite salon and spa that offers a vast range of services for both men and women from a Thai Foot Reflexology, Gel extension with Gel Polish to a Fusio Scrub Deep cleansing and much more. Yes the list goes on and it’s going to be a hard time choosing what to go for. 


In conclusion to this blog, going to a reputable salon and spa is the perfect way to keep your beauty in check so that you can be confident and look gorgeous on your special occasion or just simply treating yourself to some beauty services to boost your overall self-esteem. From Cartridge Waxing Services to Kerastase services to Detan Services. Each service whether it’s for skin, for hair or for your body contributes towards your overall health, leaving you looking refreshed so that you shine bright on Valentine’s day. By going to a proper professional salon and investing in the above-mentioned services, you are sure to look your absolute best. 

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