Professional Tips to Avoid Heat Damage to your Hair


Styling your hair and coloring it according to your liking can be fun, amazing and enjoyable experience but as much as you want to experiment with your hair, do note that it is important for one to take care of their hair, likewise to other parts of the body especially during the styling procedure in order to protect your hair from damage. Limelite hair salon which is the best hair salon in Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore is here to provide you with some top-quality tops from our professional stylists on how to project your hair during styling. 

Damages caused to your hair during styling  

Overheated tools

One of the most common issues faced by a lot of people is hair damage due to overheating. While undertaking a service at a salon shop, the concerned staff member might forget to monitor the temperature and might even use the styling equipment for example irons tongs for a much longer period of time than what is actually required thus resulting in your hair becoming super dry and weak. 

Incorrect styling methods 

Whether it’s your nearest salon or any other makeover salon, professionalism up to a certain level of extent is a must. Using the wrong techniques or even speeding up the service due to several reasons can damage the customers hair.. 


Another common issue that people face is overuse of products, especially products with chemicals. If chemical products are overused then it can cause damage making the hair become fragile and easily breakable. One common example would be over colouring the hair. 

Hair stress 

Intense, pulling, brushing and combing of hair can easily damage someone’s hair, when it comes to handling one’s hair, the staff should handle the customers hair gently with care, as handling it roughly can cause hair stress and breakage too. 

Environmental damage 

Guess what! Even the location of a salon shop and its environment inside can affect your hair. Environmental factors such as heat from the sun, pollution from outside, and dust can contribute to hair damage. 

Lack of moisture

Moisture is like salt or pepper. It is one of the main ingredients needed to keep your hair strong and healthy. When there is no moisture in your hair, it means that your hair has been stripped away from its natural oils and lacks hydration which are basic things required for maintaining healthy hair. Lack of moisture results due to a combination of the above-mentioned factors like overuse of strong products, excess heating, etc. 

Frizzy hair 

Like how lack of moisture can cause damage to your hair, too much moisture is bad too! When the climate is humid, it is very obvious that there is a lot of moisture present in the air so just imagine your hair being acting like a sponge, during the humid climate, it soaks up all the moisture which in turn results in frizzy hair. If you’re wondering what connection does this have to do with the styling procedure done at a hair spa salon or a makeup salon? Well, the styling procedure can either worsen or control this problem. 

How to avoid such problems? 


When it comes to the issue of overheating, you should make sure that you monitor the temperature of the heat styling equipment and also ask the hair stylist for a heating protection so that you can protect your hair during the styling process, You should also express yourself and tell your hairstylist when you feel a burning sensation over your head. 

Visiting a professional salon

When it comes to the issue of improper techniques, one must do research about the salon before taking up any service. If you’re searching for “professional salon near me” or “salon near me with prices” then you’re sure to find Limelite salon pop up! What makes Limelite special if one may ask? Well, Limelite salon and spa has a team of professionals in every branch that offers salon services that are nowhere short of top quality. Not only this, Limelite also offers salon offers from time to time which are to die for. 

Use of quality products 

While visiting a salon, make sure to interact with your hair stylist and ask him or her what hair products they are using and whether it will suit. You should also make sure that the products do not contain many chemicals and also monitor the usage of  the product during the styling process. 

Proper location and environment 

As mentioned earlier, environmental conditions play an important role too when it comes to your hair. If you’re googling “salon shop near me”, make sure to check the location of the salon and its business photos or even just stop by the salon and observe a session inside and check whether the environment is clean and hygienic and whether the staff members are following proper protocols. This will give you a rough idea of whether the salon is environmentally friendly or not. 

Moisturizing treatments 

To combat the issue of lack of moisture, one can opt for a moisturizing service. Many salons offer packages and conditioning treatments to enhance overall hair health.

Expression of concerns 

It is important for one to express themselves and bring out their concerns before taking up any sort of service. One must inform the hairstylist about their type, structure, sensitivity, previous damages and so on. Based on the information that you provide; the hair stylist will have an idea and hence he or she will make accurate decisions which in turn will lead to the stylist process going smoothly without any hindrances. 


In conclusion, taking good care of your hair is crucial, especially during the styling process. As mentioned earlier, your hair can encounter various issues during styling, and following the professional tips mentioned above can truly be a lifesaver. If you’re looking for a lady’s salon or a men’s salon, then please do visit Limelite salon and spa. The staff there not only provides quality services but also provides you with professional advice to ensure that your hair stays strong, healthy and beautiful. If you want to book an appointment then all you have to do is visit our website, send a direct message on Instagram or give us a call!

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