12 Best Tips to Maintain your Hair Color: In-depth Guide


It is important for one to maintain their hair and make it look fresh and vibrant. We all know that colour can fade away over time due to a lot of factors. For one to take care of their hair, one must dedicate themselves by either taking easy steps at their house or by going to a salon that provides good hair colour offers to maintain your hair color. Whether it’s lady’s hair colour style or men’s hair colour style or a simple hair colour style or even a complicated one, Limelite salon and spa which is a premium salon and spa located at Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore has got your back! catering amazing services to preserve your hair colour. In this guide we are going to check out what are ways that one can try out to preserve one’s hair.

How can one maintain fresh hair color?

Limited washing of hair 

To maintain the color on your hair, one should reduce the number of times one washes their hair during the week. Instead of washing your hair every day, one can limit their washing to about two to three days a week. 

Reducing heat exposure from tools 

After getting your hair colored at a salon, it’s advisable to minimize your exposure to excessive heat. Too much heat can strip away the color due to several factors, one of which is moisture loss. The application of heat reduces moisture, preventing the color from adhering to the hair strands and making them brittle, ultimately resulting in color loss. To avoid this, one should reduce the use of styling tools such as iron tongs or curling tongs.

Gently pat dry your hair

Colour can easily come off if you follow improper practices! After washing your hair, one should pat dry their hair gently with a towel and not vigorously. Too much friction can remove the colour from one’s hair.  

Avoid ultraviolet rays

When a person hears the term ultraviolet rays, the first thing that comes to mind is the sun and yes too much exposure to the sun can actually contribute to colour fading. To avoid the colour from fading, one should go out less or at least wear a hat while stepping out. 

Touch ups at the salon  

If you’re visiting a salon to touch up your hair, it’s a must to choose the best salon for hair color. One should opt for a proper and professional salon like Limelite Salon and Spa, where there are staff members with extensive knowledge of various hair colors and styles. They can provide you with a proper touch-up to maintain your hair color. It is important to visit a salon regularly for touch-up services to ensure that the color doesn’t fade away.

Avoid chlorine and salt water 

Chlorine and salt water can lead to one’s hair colour fading. If at all one is going swimming, then one should protect their hair by putting on a swim cap, if not one must lessen their time spent in the pool.

Deep conditioning treatments  

It is important to keep your hair hydrated. As mentioned earlier, lack of moisture makes the colour easily come off. But no need to worry! There are a lot of deep conditioning treatments that salons offer to combat this issue. If you’re searching up for “hair colour salon near me” or for “best hair colour salon near me” then you will find Limelite salon and spa pop up! Limelite salon and spa has quite the range of deep conditioning services for you to choose from to protect your hair colour from fading away! 

Rinse your hair with cold water 

Rather than using hot water, one can rinse their hair using cold water. Rinsing your hair with hot water leads to the hair cuticle widening more which in turn leads to colour loss of your hair while rinsing your hair with cold does the complete opposite which is sealing your hair cuticle to preserve the colour on your hair. 

Protective hairstyles to preserve the hair colour 

One can google up “hair colour shop near me” and visit their nearest salon and take up a hairstyle service that would preserve the colour on one’s hair. For example, one can go in for a braided hairstyle. Braided hairstyle protects the hair from breakage thus preventing the colour of the hair from fading away. 

Colour preserving products for hair 

One should be on the lookout for color-preserving products that will prevent their hair from losing color, especially after freshly coloring their hair. After taking up the hair coloring service at the concerned salon, one must ask their hairstylist about the shampoos or conditioners they should use.

Hydrate yourself

As mentioned repeatedly, hydration is very important and it is the key to preventing colour loss and also maintaining healthy hair. It is not necessary for one to also keep on going on a repeated basis to a salon just to hydrate their hair. One can easily maintain healthy hair by just drinking plenty of water. 

Proper food diet 

Taking proper care of your hair is not only important for maintaining colored hair but also involves following a proper diet. One should consume foods that are rich in nutrients and vitamins to promote healthy hair growth.


In conclusion, the secret towards maintaining coloured hair and preventing hair colour loss lies in using the right mixture which is taking good care of your hair by taking up salon services or maintaining it at home, the use of proper products and also following consistent habits. If you’re looking to colour or maintain your hair by taking up some salon services then all you do is swing by at Limelite. Whether you’re considering a hair color style for men or in the lookout for a hair color style for women, Limlite offers a wide range of types of hair color styles to choose from and also plenty of color maintenance services, leaving your hair looking bright and stylish!

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