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Are you tired of typing best salon near me or top-rated unisex salon near me? Put a break to your hunt for a perfect salon. Redefine your definition of style with Limelite. Limelite is a unisex salon open for both, beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen who love to live life in style. For over two decades Limelite has been serving the looks and has achieved great marks in satisfying clients’ needs. Our dedication and hard work have made Limelite, the talk of the town.
We hold a good reputation for a long time, serving people who choose us with what we promise and that is “A whole new you”, a better version of yourself that you will love even more.






The Trendsetter.

There are beauty salons.And there is limelite

The Trendsetter.

There are beauty salons.  And there is Limelite.

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With your love, trust, and support you may now serve as the pleasure of visiting us at our salons in Chennai, Coimbatore, and Bangalore. If you are unable to visit us in these locations don’t get disheartened we are a growing organization and soon will be in your city, as the best salon near you for the most relaxing and satisfying salon experience ever.
Become a more noticeable person with Limelite salon where our experts put their years of experience in creating a look for you. The looks will transform you into the extraordinary person; you have always wished to be. We provide all sorts of grooming services from haircuts to manicure cleanups, facials, hair spas, hair massages, bleach, and whatnot!

Here at Limelite premium unisex salon we help you achieve the look you want, sit back, and relax while we provide you with the best once-in-a-lifetime experience. We create styles for you that fits your lifestyle. At Limelite clients’ expectations, their demands, and their experiences matter.  We are the best in the business because we care about our clients and we make sure that your experience is soothing, relaxing, and satisfying, we don’t let you settle for less.

Limelite is the best unisex salon with unlimited offers and styling options for both queens and kingsNow you can have the best relaxing and rejuvenating time with your family with comfort. Our team is fuelled by passion and genuine efforts to make your experience with us the most amazing.

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For both men and women, we have progressive styling in a nurturing environment. As you deserve to be indulged and pampered we make sure you get the experience you are longing for. Choose a Limelite unisex salon near you, because the authentic you need authentic styling.

We have expert stylists that have worked with various celebrities who are masters in creating your vision into reality and won’t leave you disappointed. Our workforce is one of the best you can find, our people are dedicated to adding sensational beauty to you. Reveal your true self with a Limelite unisex salon near you and be the best spot at a party.  

Satisfying our customers is our topmost priority. We make sure our clients are not only getting their bodies relaxed but also experience their souls being cleansed. It is not just a salon and a spa, it is our team trying its best to make sure that you leave with a smile on your face. Our spa and massages are been taken care of by professionals with years of experience as we understand for a perfect glow up our body need a thorough detox that will help you recover, revive, rejuvenate, and experience a day in heaven.  

You deserve nothing but the best and our dedicated team takes care of that. Our team that makes it all happen has been reviewed as being the best in what they do. Our style experts assist you to achieve the look that suits your personality the most. Limelite unisex salon invites you to the ultimate salon experience. Ware a team of experienced professionals and we aim high to serve you at our best. Limelite salon cares about the clients like no one else does and that is what makes us the best choice when it comes to stress-relieving experiencesConsider choosing a Limelite unisex salon nearby for the best and most comfortable salon experienceLimelite premium unisex salon has exciting offers and deals for you. We want Limelite salon to be the “go-to” salon for you and your family. 


Putting the Limelight on Safety

We love pampering our customers and we believe they rightfully deserve it, but during the pandemic, millions of doubts and questions make it difficult. At LimeLite, we pride ourselves in providing a complete indulgence coupled with the highest standards of safety. We’ve created a safe space for you and encourage you to be on board with the right precautions and protocols so you there’s no break to your well-deserved pampering sessions.

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