How To Takecare of Your Skin in your 30s, 40s, 50s and Beyond


Taking care of one’s skin is crucial, and it’s a must to give one’s skin proper care and attention. By maintaining good skin care practices, you can prevent health problems that might threaten your well-being. It’s all about staying healthy, and to achieve that, regular skin care treatments are essential. Consider visiting a reputable hair salon and spa, where you can receive high-quality treatment and ensure your skin is well taken care of without any mishap. If you’re looking for a service with amazing salon offers that would take good care of your skin, then say no more and step right into Limelite salon and spa!  Here at Limelite, we have different skin care treatments for different age-groups, and each treatment has been professionally tested and proven.

Skin Care in your 30s

When you’re in your 30s, it is the time when you will start noticing that there are changes in your skin which are due to aging and also due to sun exposure. Your skin has been going through a process known as cell turnover where new cells start to replace your old skin cells, but the rate of the turnover begins to experience a slow-down.  So, going in for regular skin care services to a makeover salon at this time can prove beneficial for your skin. One can go in for Exfoliation services which help remove the dull and dead cells and also smooths your skin, which in turn gets rid of the rough texture. Exfoliation also helps in giving a brighter complexion. One can also opt for cleansing and moisturizing services too! Cleansing your skin and use of antioxidants can remove all the impurities and also help in the prevention of acne, while moisturizing helps to keep your skin fresh, active and hydrated. If you’re worried what skin care products a salon and spa will use then it shouldn’t even be a concern when it comes to Limelite.  At Limelite, we use top quality and natural skin care products for all skin types that would only give your skin a glow and there would be no need for worry about any side effects at all!  One can be sure to experience some amazing facials and also spot-on spa treatments at any of Limelite’s salon shops that can be found at various locations in Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore. 

Skin care in your 40s

In your 40s, the effects of aging on your skin become more pronounced, nearly doubling what you might have experienced in your 30s. The sun damages your skin has accumulated over the years becomes increasingly apparent. Fine lines begin to evolve into more noticeable wrinkles as time goes by, due to a decrease in collagen. The skin’s elasticity also weakens, leading to a slightly saggy appearance. What the skin needs is an infusion of vitamins, particularly Vitamin A and Vitamin C.  Here at Limelite salon and spa, we have creams and moisturizers with just the right natural ingredients to give your skin, and particularly your face, that full and healthy look.  Our skin-care and anti-aging applications are bio-friendly, proven and top-notch.  If you’re in your 40s and crave some hydration and nourishment and salon services that would truly take care of the needs of your skin, do not hesitate to walk into any of our salons.  We have solutions for every skin type, whether dry, sensitive or oily.  We guarantee you your satisfaction and your continued commitment to the Limelite brand.

Skin care in your 50s

Skin care becomes even more acute when one is in one’s 50s.  This is because the onset of aging becomes more pronounced, resulting in several negative changes to one’s skin. During this time, the elasticity of your skin decreases even more, therefore giving room for more loose and saggy skin. The skin becomes thinner and thinner and there is also the issue of dryness that is a matter of concern to most people of this age group. In one’s 50s the collagen decreases significantly, which results in less skin volume and firmness. There is also a reduction in the process of cell turnover which provides a dull complexion to the skin of the person.  Furthermore, any scars or injuries take a longer time to heal.  But modern skin care has radically advanced and one can considerably turn back the negative effects aging has on one’s skin.  It is generally held that regular walking and exercise is beneficial to one’s health, including one’s skin.  But for one reason or the other, not all are in a position to engage in a consistent fitness regime, and this can impact upon the skin.  At Limelite, we have solutions that can address these issues. If you’re exploring the web and searching for “salon shop near me” or “ladies hair salon near me” that provides the best salon offers package for people in their 50s then and if you come across Limelite, which you are sure to, just close your eyes and walk right in! 


Taking care of your skin is an ongoing journey. Whether you’re in your 30s, 40s or 50s, each period of your life requires a different skin care treatment that would differ from time to time. Whatever your age may be and whatever the skin type you may have, Limelite salon and spa is quite the best salon in Chennai and of course, the leading one in the cities of Bangalore and Coimbatore as well.  We at Limelite are completely professional in our approach to skin care, and our treatment packages have been well researched and are sure to give you the utmost satisfaction.  We truly care about the dermatological health of our customers, and from an aesthetic perspective, we shall do what it takes to keep each face glowing and happy.  After all, it is not just the health of people at stake, but also our brand name. 
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