50 Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Lehenga Choli

Looking for a lehenga bridal hairstyle? Hair, after all, is the crowning glory of any bride, so it’s important to get it right on her big day. While there are many beautiful Indian bridal hairstyles out there, choosing the perfect one for your D-day that goes with your Lehenga might seem like a task. Luckily, we have done some of the legwork for you and our bridal makeup salon experts are here with some amazing bridal hairstyles that will help you look absolutely stunning on your big day, and feel free to book an appointment for expert consultation at Limelite Salon and Spa, a premium salon in Chennai. 


Tips for Picking the Right Hairstyle for your Lehenga!

When you finally find the garment of your dreams, the next crucial decision is which makeup look to wear with it. Here, your hairdo assumes the role of MVP, seamlessly transforming an ensemble into a whole. Finding a winning hairstyle is not simple, even if there is no disputing the marvels that the proper hairstyle can do for your confidence. Look for hints from your neckline to make things easier. You wouldn’t want to hide a seductive backless choli beneath a hair curtain, nor would you want to pile heavy waves on top of a stuffy, high neckline.

Choose a hairdo that won’t require maintenance. The most crucial thing to remember is that your haircut ought to go well with your lehenga. Keep reading to check out these lehenga hairstyle design, we’ve got some Indian bridal hairstyle for lehenga. 

50 Trendiest Hairstyles for your Reception Look

1.Flower buns 

The bridal bun with a bunch of fresh flowers is sure to add an element of grace to your wedding look.  This bun is a perfect hairstyle for a lehenga and is adorned with fresh, tiny roses, rose petals, or jasmine flowers. The bun looks even great with a vibrant stoned matha patti and never goes out of season. 

2.Elegant open hair with curls

Not every bride can carry a bun or a braid for long hours. So, for the brides who like to keep it light on their heads, here is one of the simplest yet elegant hairstyles of the season, elegant open hair with curls. Style your hair with a small maang tikka and curl your strands. That’s it! You are all ready to flaunt your wedding look! 

3.Side braids with loose waves 

If you are planning to wear silk for your wedding, this hairstyle is the perfect pick for you. This bridal hairstyle makes your hair look voluminous and adds a touch of glam to your overall bridal look. You can use fresh tiny flowers or hair accessories to give it a fancy look!  

4.Simple yet classy sleek tight bun 

A sleek tight bun is a doughnut bun wrapped around with gajras, fresh flower strands, or hair accessories to decorate your hair. Pick this hairstyle and you are all done decking up for the day in just as quickly as in 15 minutes. You go very minimal with simple lehenga makeup and hairstyle too! 

5.Braided updo

A dainty braided updo is a right choice to wear with your reception look. A bridal makeup salon hairstyle expert braids your hair, secures the braids nicely to create this classy updo, and decks it up with a few hair accessories matching your outfit. That’s all! You are good to go! 

6.French and Fishtail braid 

Keeping it simple doesn’t mean that you cannot be the charm. If you are looking for a simple and classy bridal braid hairstyle, then there’s nothing better than setting it in a French and Fishtail braid. Add a few hair accessories to the braid and you are all set to flaunt your wedding look! 

7.Side-swept fringe with a low bun

Decorate with a single large flower or hair accessory, this hairstyle is the best option to go for if you are planning to flaunt your heavy outfit and a beautiful choker. It ensures that your hair looks voluminous with a side fringe and is just the perfect hairstyle for brides who want to keep it simple.  

8.Puff bun with roses 

Puff bun with roses is yet another light and elegant hairstyle preferred by most brides. With front hair tucked into a puff, this bun is super perfect with a few tiny roses placed on the side. It goes well with South Indian bridal looks and a traditional maang tikka makes it look extra special! 

9.Messy braid with tiny awesome flowers 

This bridal hairstyle with a side-swept messy fishtail braid and some tiny awesome flowers to garnish it is a go-to hairstyle.  Most of the time, baby’s breath flowers are used as they never overdo anything yet make the hairstyle look magnificent. 

10.Long braid with accessories 

This is one of the most picked hairstyles by South Indian brides for the Muhrutham look. A long braid embellished with fresh Jasmine flower strands or Jade billa is the most beautiful and traditional hairstyle to beautify your bridal look. The combination of a long braid with a nice matha patti is just on-point to make it gorgeous on your big day. 

11.Edgy half ponytail

This open hairstyle for lehenga is for you if you have poker-straight hair and want to get a sleek back effect. Feel free to let your hair down with this relatively modern hairdo, which adds an edgy and bold twist to the half pony.


If you’re trying for a more over-the-top appearance, tight curls with a big accessory would look fantastic. Your clothing will seem so much more glam with a little sparkle and those retro curls.

13.Hollywood glam 

To highlight the shine in your hair and your clothes, try some dramatic old-school waves. Put a studded beret on one side of your hair if you want to make it more dramatic.

14.Fish braid half and half

Tie your curly hair into a small fish braid to improve it. This keeps the top of your hair tidy while creating a playful, dishevelled look for the bottom.

15.Twisted half and half

A stunning bridal hairdo for a lehenga combines curls with a twisted braid. When you finish, just add some flowers to match your lehenga and you’re good to go!

16.Waterfall braid 

Why not attempt a loose waterfall braid open hairstyle with lehenga if you still have some loose curls from the ceremony the day before? It will save you a ton of time and is simple and fashionable.

17.Sleek and straight style

Straight hair parted in the middle is attractive, and uncomplicated, and will enhance the beauty of any outfit you choose to wear. To add a hint of retro volume, tease the hair at the head.

18.Voluminous waves 

This is one of the best lehenga hairstyle for brides! You can never go wrong with this classic look. 

19.Half pony braid 

This look paired with a headpiece or some flowers will tie the whole look together and give your hair an absolutely regal appearance!

20.Minimal glam 

This one is for the elegant bride who prefers simple hairstyle on lehenga. If you’re looking for an easy open hairstyle for lehengas, the combination of straight and crisp, paired with wavy towards the end, is an interesting fusion of minimalist glam.

21.Soft Waves 

If in doubt, loosen up those waves! This is one of the reception hairstyles for lehenga that is simply so gorgeous.This straightforward yet fashionable style may appear very understated, but when worn with a lehenga, it will significantly soften and feminineize your entire ensemble.

22.Slicked back 

This one is for you if your hair is poker straight and stays that way no matter how much styling you do. Put a jewelled headband on your hair and wear it back in a clean, polished style.

23.Studded look

Enjoy some fun star-studded stickers! Pin your hair behind your ears and pull it back to one side.

24.Modern braid 

While there are many different designs and possibilities for Indian hairstyles, we really adore the glammed-up fashionista appearance when worn with cultural clothing. What could be better than this chic, contemporary long braided hairstyle for women?

25.Semi-braid and loose hair 

This looks quite stylish with the lehenga attire and manages to seem both modern and traditional at the same time. This can be worn for pre-wedding events and accessorised simply yet exquisitely to complete the look.

26.Braided bun 

This is the most popular and popular lehenga hairstyle for oval faces. Given that it is really girly and fashionable, this is quite feminine and how I wanted to seem.

27.Short and simple 

This is a hairstyle for short hair in lehenga Choose this look if you would prefer a straightforward short hairdo for a lehenga. Additionally, if you prefer comfy looks and shorter hair to long hair, try this style out. These days, women who adore short-length hair prefer this since it is quite unique and stylish. Additionally, this has a retro aspect and gives off a classic, edgy, sleek appearance.

28.Rolled flowers 

This may be your best hair style for lehenga option if you want something upscale and ethnic that complements Indian design. If you have a large, heavy lehenga that is designer clothing, give it a try.

29.Loose ponytail 

If you appreciate simple looks and have a fine handloom cloth lehenga, this ponytail hairstyle on lehenga for a wedding can be classic and trendy Indian wear.

30.Open hair 

We also love wearing lehengas with open hairstyles. One of the easy hairstyles for girls is this one. To seem classy and fashionable, all you need is a nice nude lehenga in a classic colour that you may wear with relaxed hair.

31.Edgy sleek braid 

Here is a great substitute for lehenga hairstyles for medium hair. Choose this hairstyle if you have medium hair and want a feminine look.

32.High bun 

This is one of our favourite lehenga bun hairstyles since it is so sophisticated and fashionable.

33.Short curls 

Instead of simply being waved or left straight, the stylist created lovely curls along the tips of the bottom section. These curls are really firm and crunchy. This hairstyle is ideal for brides with short or medium-length hair, and it looks even better if it has been pre-lightened or highlighted.

34.Loose side braid with flowers 

A simple yet elegant hairdo for lehenga is this lovely loose side braid with flower accents!

35.Beachy waves 

Nothing screams elegance like soft baby’s breath and loose seashore waves! If you want to look stunning at a midday spring wedding while wearing a pastel lehenga, try this haircut.

36.Curly side braid with a floral tiara 

Have an obsession with floral headpieces? Us too! If you want to wear a tiara with your lehenga, this voluminous side braid is ideal.

37.Middle parted puff 

Want your big day to be simple? You’ve found the ideal bridal hairdo for a lehenga with its middle-parted puff and loose blow-dried strands.

38.Beach waves with half-up rose bun 

Trendy are dainty rose buns! The ideal engagement hairstyle to wear with your lehenga is this one, which has a half-up rose bun and loose beachy waves. Baby’s breath can be used as an adorable accent.

39.Bow-style half-up hairdo 

Would you want a Minnie Mouse-inspired hair bow? You need this adorable Indian wedding hairdo with loose curls and a bow!

40.Puff and loose hair 

Nothing nearly compares to the ease of blow-drying your hair to match your bridal lehenga. For your hairstyles for reception lehenga, pick a straightforward bridal hairdo like this one!

41.Mix of braids

Unable to settle on just one braiding design? This gorgeous lehenga goes well with this braided hairstyle for an engagement, which features several different braiding patterns.

42.Bubble braid 

Using baby’s breath in a simple bubble braid is a wonderful bridal hairstyle idea.

43.Crown braid 

Feel like wearing a lehenga and letting your hair down? This beautiful crown-braided hairdo for an Indian wedding is simply too good to pass up!

44.Voluminous french braid 

Wearing this side-swept French braid with a contemporary lehenga is a great choice.

45.Diagonal braid 

If you desire a simple yet elegant look, this hairstyle is a great choice.

46.Half tie with curls 

This hairstyle is designed for upcoming brides who wish to present an effortless yet elegant appearance. This hairdo looks as gorgeous when worn with a lehenga, and the starry clip that holds the half-tie in place will undoubtedly give you starry eyes.

47.Centre parting braids 

This lovely hairdo will immediately increase the grace and elegance of your appearance.

48.Messy updo 

You can never go wrong with a messy bun hairstyle on lehenga, which is as simple as throwing some accessories into one and applying a little hairspray to keep your hair in place.

49.Swirling Knot 

When accessorised with a hairband or tiara, this swirling open knot looks attractive and will make you seem lovely at weddings and other formal events.

50.Layered hairstyle 

This hairdo has two thin layers of hair on the front face, two side parts, and an open knot in the rear. It is breathtakingly lovely and best used throughout the summer.

How to Book your Bridal Makeup Artist 

Start looking for makeup and hair artists as soon as you’ve chosen the date and the venue. Don’t wait until you have chosen your outfits in detail. This is significant because, during the busiest wedding season, the schedules of the best artists fill up months in advance.

Check to see if the artist uses high-quality materials appropriate for the locale of your wedding. Do your research before hiring a professional from out of town or sending someone local. Look through their social media profiles; the majority of modern professionals post their efforts there. Understand their style and area of expertise by looking at the weddings they have participated in.

We hope you found this blog informative and helpful. Limelite is a premium hair salon in Chennai, that aims to give you, the customer, the very best experience! Whether it’s a any hair salon services like trendy women haircutsmen haircut stylesbest hair cut for long hairhair highlights, hair spa or a keratin treatmentolaplex treatmenthair smootheningmanicure and pedicurefoot reflexology or our special Kerastase fusio dose nail art and not to forget our specialization in bridal makeup, best salon facial – when you are at Limelite, our dedicated team of professionals will ensure that you are well taken care of! To know more about our services or to book an free consultation with us, call us at the number mentioned on our website. We always have offers you wouldn’t want to miss, and we would love to have you in our salon. Thank you! 

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