Romantic hairstyles that will leave you looking beautiful this Valentine’s day


Valentine’s day is less than a week away and yes it’s time for you to set your hair in the spotlight! Whether you’re trying to win your partner’s heart or just wanting to feel beautiful, one must have a beautiful hairstyle to leave a mark on the special day. As the day approaches you might be thinking what kind of hairstyle can I go for?  Well, that’s what this blog is here for and that is to list out some of the top Romantic hairstyles that will leave you looking beautiful this Valentine’s day.  Speaking of hairstyles, one should visit a salon and spa that offers hair services that will leave your hair looking bang on and one such place is Limelite. Limelite salon and spa is a premium hair salon with its branches located across Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore so if you’re looking to make yourself look gorgeous, beautiful and romantic then Limelite is your way to go. 

Romantic hairstyles for men 

Slicked back hairstyle: When taking up a hairstyle service at a hair salon, one of the classiest eye-catching romantic hairstyles is the slicked back hairstyle. Well, this hair gives you a sophisticated look by using a gel to slick back your hair making this hairstyle a great choice for your romantic occasion.

Fade hairstyle:  One can also try this hairstyle when visiting a salon shop. Fade Hairstyle is a hairstyle where your hair gradually shortens in length from top or down of the head to the sides and back depending on whether one is going for a high fade or a low fade. The beauty is that after getting this hairstyle from your hairstyle from a makeover salon, you will find yourself looking fresh, clean, confident and rejuvenated.

Messy bun:  Looking for a nice casual low maintenance hairstyle that will turn heads? Then you have to try out the Messy bun hairstyle. When you’re going and visiting your nearest salon and consult with your hairstylist that you want to get this hairstyle done and this hairstyle is brought to light by first giving your hair a much-needed blow dry and then taking a bunch of hair strands and then twisting and pinning them, giving your hair a nice a nice tousled look. The hair is then finished off with hairspray so that the style stays in place making this hairstyle the perfect choice if you’re looking for an effortless hairstyle that gives off romantic vibes.

Pompadour hairstyle:  If you’re searching for the best salon in Chennai and based on that search looking for salons that provide a nice old school hairstyle then this is the one that you must rock and that is none other than the Pompadour Hairstyle. Pompadour Hairstyle is a hairstyle where your hair is swept sidewards and backwards with a lift in the front.  Looking to look romantic like David Beckham or Elvis Presley? Then this hairstyle is just the right one for you!

Quiff hairstyle: Another classic hairstylist that men can rock for Valentine’s day is the Quiff Hairstyle. All you have to do is google up salon shops near me and then go to a particular salon site and check out their salon services if they have provided this type of hairstyle or not. If yes then you should go for this hairstyle and impress your partner on Valentine’s day. Here the hair is shorter at the sides and the back and longer hair at the front that is styled backward.


Romantic hairstyles for women 

Textured ponytail hairstyle with a ribbon: When visiting a lady’s salon, one hairstyle that women can go in for is a textured ponytail hairstyle with a ribbon. At the salon your hair is neatly styled using styling tools to give your hair a nice stunning wavy or a curly pattern. Once that is done, your hair is then gathered together and placed in the shape of a bun with bobby pins keeping the style in place serving as an amazing hairstyle for a romantic dinner.

Waterfall braid hairstyle : If you’re surfing the net and searching for a lady’s hair salon near me so that you can get a nature-like hairstyle then this is the hairstyle that you should go for. Here your hair just looks like needle work that involves weaving sections of hair together giving your hair that waterfall backdrop effect.

French twist hairstyle : Another great hairstyle that serves as a superb choice for a Valentines outing is a French twist. This hairstyle involves twisting your hair and securing that style at the back of your head using hair pins creating a nice neat polished look and also radiating out sophistication making this haircut a perfect choice both for a casual and a formal outfit.

Bohemian Braids hairstyle: Bohemian Braids is a hairstyle that just makes you look relaxed with a combination of intricate braids and twists making it not just great but an amazing choice for valentine’s day. The best part about this haircut is that it is suitable for various hair lengths so yes anyone can rock this haircut with style! 

Bridal Updo hairstyle: Why need a normal hairstyle when you can make it a romantic celebration! Well, the name of this hairstyle says it all. The main takeaway of this haircut is its intricate twists, curls and braids that are woven together to form a spectacular updo!


In conclusion to this blog, the above-mentioned hairstyles are some of the few popular hairstyles that will take your hair game a step further and most of all leave you looking romantic and beautiful. Whether it’s date night or just a casual night out with your friends, these hairstyles are sure to leave you looking great and at your best! Remember these hairstyles are not only meant for Valentine’s day but also can rock any part of the year. You only just have to search up for a salon offers package or for a salon and spa near you and choose a salon with not just good ratings but great like Limelite salon and spa that also caters a vast array of services for all its customers.


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