There are different types of wax for waxing and why should you care

Who does not dream of having silky smooth skin? That is the main reason to choose waxing from long ago. Waxing is a painful process, both literally and figuratively. It is a beauty treatment that is done by estheticians around the world. In this procedure, a thin layer of wax is spread onto the skin. This layer is then removed from the skin, taking off the thin layer of hair with it. It’s no wonder that most people are hesitant to try it or tell themselves that they don’t have time in their schedule. The good news is that by selecting the best salon and the right kind of wax, you can speed up the process, do away with pain, and give yourself smoother, better-looking, and radiant skin and you can always feel free to book an appointment for expert consultation.

The type of wax that you use and the salon you choose are very important as it determines how much pain you will have to endure. Consider choosing the best salon with a team of expert professionals for a hassle-free waxing experience. Different types of wax are designed to suit different types of body hair. By knowing the right types of wax for your body hair, you can make waxing easier. Here we will look at the different types of waxes and what is the best one for your needs.  

  • Hot wax – Hot waxing is the most preferred type of waxing. It has to be warmed in a professional wax warmer until it melts and reaches the optimal temperature and consistency for application. Once melted, it is spread on the skin’s surface and the hair is pulled out with a cloth, spatula, or a layer of wax. There are two types of hot wax: Soft wax and Hard wax.  
  • Soft wax – Soft wax is the most common type of wax used in salons. It usually comes in jars or cans and has a malleable texture. To remove hair with soft wax, a professional uses a cloth strip or spatula that helps the wax to pull out the hair. Soft wax is best suited for larger areas such as legs, arms, and armpits. With its easy preparation and application, soft wax grabs fine hair perfectly and acts as a natural exfoliator leaving skin smoother than ever. 
  • Hard wax – Hard wax usually comes in trays, beads, or pellets. It has a firm texture and does not require the use of strips or a spatula, as the hair is pulled out with a layer of hard wax. Hot wax reduces the chance of skin reddening and promotes skin hydration with all its natural and soothing ingredients which leave your skin feeling smooth and hair-free.  

The hotness of the hot wax helps to open up the pores. Hence, it is best suitable for sensitive skin. Hot wax should be applied in the opposite direction of your body hair to make the process easy and less painful. Not Following the instructions wisely can lead to major pain and skin irritations. So, always consider visiting the best salon for easy and calming waxing treatment.  

  • Cold wax – Cold wax is pre-applied on strips of different shapes and sizes that work best for different body parts, such as the hands and face. It is the easiest waxing process. A stripe is gently pressed against the skin and the hair is pulled off along with the strip. Cold wax is best suitable for areas with thinner and shorter hair, like the hands, upper lips, face, or shins. It does not grasp hair as well as hot wax, so it is not recommended for large areas.  

Cold wax is applied at room temperature and does not run the risk of burns, which can happen with hot wax. Though it is ideal for all skin types, it can only be effective when used on finer and shorter hair. The strips need to be rubbed between the palms in order to make it easier to adhere the pre-applied wax to the skin. Sometimes all the hairs are not been uprooted in the first application. So, using the wax over and over in one place might cause skin irritation and skin bumps. 

The final choice of the wax will depend on your skin type and its needs. It is always the best option to seek expert advice for better inputs. Be it hot wax or cold wax, Limelite Salon and Spa offers the best waxing treatment at great deals. If you are looking for great quality waxing services, Limelite salon and spa is the perfect destination. Why wait? Take time to yourself and be a queen for a day! 

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