How to Apply Makeup for a Natural Look 


Makeup is an art that is not the same for everyone. Whether you are just beginning to wear makeup or you want to embrace a more subtle look, natural-looking makeup can be pretty and flattering. Are you looking for the best tips and tricks to apply flawless makeup for a natural look? If yes, you are at the right destination. Limelite Salon and Spa, one of the best salons in Chennai, is here with a read on how to apply makeup for a natural look.  

Deep cleanse your face 

A clean canvas yields the best results. Before you begin the process, put a few drops of makeup remover or water on a cotton ball and rub the cotton ball in small circles to remove old makeup. If you have skin problems like spots or blackheads, gently exfoliate your skin using a face scrub. Ensure that your skin is free from any other products before you begin the makeup.  

Moisturize your skin 

Using a small dab of the pea’s size, gently rub in an unscented, oil-free moisturizer on your skin. Scented moisturizers can aggravate your skin and cause breakouts or an allergic reaction, and oily lotions will encourage acne. So, before you choose the moisturizer for your skin, understand your skin type to know which the most suitable moisturizer for your skin is. You can also head to a unisex salon near you and seek stylist help to choose the same.  

Apply concealer to any blemishes and around your eyes 

Applying a concealer before foundation keeps foundation to a minimal amount. Ensure that this is the same colour as your skin. When you apply the concealer, apply it directly on the spot and not around it. This helps to avoid a halo effect and emphasis on the spot. Optionally, set your skin with a beige powder. Make sure you do not overdo it on the concealer; you only need enough to cover the spot. 

Apply a powder foundation to the oilier parts of your face 

Before you begin, it’s best to understand whether or not you’re using the right foundation colour for your skin tone. Get in natural light and test the foundation to make sure it’s the right shade for your skin tone. Dab a few marks on your cheek and angle your face in different ways to see if the colour matches your natural skin colour.  

  • Take a pea size foundation on a makeup sponge and dab it on your face. Blend it well until it looks like your natural skin tone. Do not forget to go underneath your jawline; if you stop at the edge of your face, there will be a clear line where the foundation ends, making it look like a mask. 
  • You do not need to apply foundation to your entire face. Just apply it to areas that do not have a consistent colour and blend it well.  
  • If you have dark circles, bags, or discoloration under your eyes, make 3 dots on the line of the circles under your eyes. Blend it gently using your finger or makeup sponge.  

Apply Bronzer or Blush 

Bronzer is a great way to attain that natural glow. Gently brush bronzer all over your face (or just along your cheekbones, for a natural and subtle appearance). However, a bronzer can look silly on pale skin if applied incorrectly. If you don’t like the way it looks on your skin, skip this step. If you are not happy with bronzer, choose blush instead. Crème blush generally works better than powder blush because it gives you a dewy look and lasts longer. Using a champagne-tinted crème blush, dab a little on a makeup sponge and blend onto your cheekbones. Note that you use either bronzer or blush, not both.  

Apply eye makeup 

For eye makeup, line two-thirds of your top lash line and one-third of your bottom lash line, with a brown, black, or gray kohl pencil. Further, smudge the line with a cotton bud. Consider lining the inside corners of your eyes with either white eyeliner or white eye shadow to add a brighter look. Now, using two shades of gold, brown, or silver, apply a light, neutral tone of eye shadow to your eyes. For an enhanced natural look, remember to blend the colours. Finally, curl your lashes and apply one layer of mascara.  

Moisturize your lips and apply a lip colour 

Before you apply lip colour, moisturize your lips using a lip balm. Once done, choose a lip colour that suits your skin colour and outfit the best and apply gently to the lips. Avoid picking chalky lipsticks or shiny lip glosses. Lip stain is generally best because it looks natural and lasts longer. Use a lip colour that’s close to your natural lip colour to achieve a flawless look.  

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