6 men’s hair colouring tips to avoid hair loss 

hair colouring

Hair color can be an amazing enhancement to your overall physical appearance, but it may damage your hair if not done in the right way. Often it can be tricky since you want to colour your hair but you don’t want to end up losing a lot of your hair. Choosing the right hair colour and taking good care of coloured hair goes a long way toward preventing hair loss. Limelite Salon and Spa is here with a blog on pro tips to safeguard coloured hair.  The blog dives deep into the 6 men’s hair colouring tips to avoid hair loss.  

  • Use Ammonia-free hair colour – Many hair colour products contain ammonia in them. Ammonia is an alkaline chemical that when used on hair repeatedly damages the hair cuticle, allowing the moisture to escape. This causes frizzy and brittle hair, which further leads to hair fall. So, always make sure to check the product description to understand its constituents before using the hair colour on your hair. Do not go ahead with the product if it has ammonia in any form. If opting for hair colouring at a men’s salon near you, discuss with the hairstylist about the same.  
  • Do not bleach your hair – Changing your hair color to a very light shade might require hair bleaching, which may damage your hair. Hair bleaching is a chemical hair dye technique that uncovers the natural color of your hair strands. Expert hairstylists quote that hair colouring doesn’t cause hair loss but using bleach can. The process affects the quality of your hair leaving you with dry hair that’s more prone to breakage, split-ends, and hair fall.  
  • Cleanse your hair using colour-safe shampoos – Colouring your hair comes with a hair care regime and using a colour-safe shampoo is one of the major things to take care of. Color-safe shampoos are shampoos specially formulated with ingredients that are gentle enough to keep colour longer on the hair by not removing the colour deposits from the hair. Using a normal shampoo to cleanse your hair might strip your hair of both its colour and moisture. This in turn causes dry and damaged hair and hair fall. To ensure that your hair color stays for longer, always cleanse your hair using a colour-safe shampoo.  
  • Add a protein treatment – When not done methodically, the hair colouring process might weaken your hair and cause hair loss. So, it’s a good idea to get a protein treatment done along with the hair colouring. Proteins such as Keratin, work to add nutrients back into the hair and provide essential moisture and nourishment to the hair. This reduces and repairs the damage done to your hair and gives you smooth and healthy hair. Look for the best men’s salon nearby that offers Keratin treatments and pamper your hair with the protein treatment.  
  • Consider a semi-permanent hair colour – Unlike permanent hair colours, semi-permanent hair colours do not penetrate the hair shaft, so they do not cause any damage to hair strands. These hair colours are free of harsh chemicals such as ammonia and peroxide and are safe for frequent applications. Also called hair glosses, a few semi-permanent hair colours may bring shiny texture and enhance the tone of your hair.  
  • Do not forget to use a conditioner – Hair conditioners smoothen and detangle your hair, and also restore the hair by preventing damage. Do not forget to use a conditioner after using a shampoo. Avoiding using a conditioner might lead to hair breakage and increase the chances of hair loss. Visit a hair salon nearby and ask your stylist to recommend a good colour-safe shampoo and conditioner. A good shampoo and conditioner keep your hair hydrated and go a long way to protect your hair from damage and hair fall.  

With this said, we hope after reading this blog, you will have gained some useful information on the topic of Hair Loss. We would like to invite you to check out some of our other blog posts on the site. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to drop a comment below. Are you on a hunt for the best hair salon in Chennai, Bangalore, or Coimbatore for hair care services? If yes, Limelite Salon and Spa is what you are looking for. At Limelite, we take care of all kinds of hair care services and our expert professionals not only put in their best efforts to style your hair but also guide you about proper care and maintenance. From hair cut to hair colouring and from hair treatments to hair spa sessions, we take care of them all. So what are you waiting for? Head to a Limelite Salon near you and pamper yourself! Visit our site to know more about our services or to make an appointment with us. You can also call us at the number provided on the site. We would be glad to have you in our salon. Thank you for reading! 

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