10 Best Hair Colour Trends that are going to rule 2022 


Everyone wants to look and feel their best and by visiting the best salon near you and making minor changes to your hair colour, you can easily transform your look like never before. From ombre red to ash, copper blonde to dark black, and everything in between, there are a host of different hair colours to suit everyone. When it comes to hair colour there will always be some trends that stand out and some that don’t and you can always feel free to book an appointment for expert consultation. 

This blog will look at 10 of the best hair colour trends that are going to rule 2022. 

  • Rich Chocolate – Embrace a more realistic version of yourself with natural-looking rich chocolate hair colour and flaunt the beauty of your hair! From deep chocolate shades to honey hues, the variety of brown shades always has a different fan base. With the bright hue on your hair, this colour is the perfect option when you want a subtle change in your hair.  
  • Pink Lilac – Wanting for a pastel colour touch-up for your hair? If yes, here’s good news for you! With a perfectly balanced combination of tinges of lavender and pink, pink lilac shade is something that is not going anywhere anytime soon.  You can also add a hair gloss to your hair to make it appear as shiny as possible.  
  • Platinum – Platinum hair has been a popular choice among people for some years now and will continue in 2022 too. It goes well with every hair type and adds a modern and sophisticated element to your overall look. There are various shades in platinum hair highlights too and a few include grayish platinum, platinum with a pink hue, and more. However, your stylist will help you pick the right shade according to your skin tone and makes the hair colouring process easier.  
  • Mushroom Blonde – If you are a person who doesn’t like the whole darken hair, this is the hair colour shade for you! It is a shade of light brown with dark and gray highlights and is apt for people who would like to darken their hair very light, but without going for a totally dark shade.  
  • Bright Copper – Copper hair highlights are something that never goes out of trend. If you decide to stick to copper shades, use bright copper shades instead of traditional vermilion. This makes your hair look more natural and super elegant. Gold copper, red copper, and copper ombre with dark roots are a few shades you can try. Before going ahead with this shade, just keep a note that bright shades are quite hard to maintain and need regular touch-ups.  
  • Strawberry Blonde – Yes you heard it right! The shade looks as unique as it sounds and is winning the hearts of many people this year. It is a shade of blonde with a touch of red and is the right choice for someone who doesn’t like to play along with bright colours. Always consider starting with the lighter side of this hue, as adding more red is much easier than getting rid of it. 
  • Caramel Ombre – Unlike brighter ombre shades of years past, this melted caramel ombre hue is soft and adds a fine shine to your face. The shade goes well with most of the skin tones and is an ideal option for someone who is looking for a simple yet stunning makeover for their hair.  
  • Hazelnut Brunette – This shade of brunette is a tone-on-tone brown with glimpses of golden light browns to the ends of the hair. With a low-maintenance and high impact, this hair colour is sure to enhance the charm of your hair. Achieving the right depth and dimension of brunette shades is all about practice and perfection. So, always consider choosing the best hair salon near you while choosing unique shades like the brunette.  
  • Awesome Auburn – The richness of deep auburn shades exceptionally complements winter looks. When blended with rich chocolate brown, an undertone of copper blonde, or cherry, the shade adds more radiance to your hair. Plus, it requires minimum maintenance because of the underlying natural pigment, making it a more affordable change. 
  • Cinnamon Red – This beautiful shade of red is tailor-made for someone who isn’t ready for bold highlights on their hair. It gives a nice and natural-looking effect and goes well with every skin type. The shade looks best on short and medium hair and is a great option for a little lift of red shades.  

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