10 Essential Hair Care Tips you must not ignore this summer 

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Summer is here, and what better time to get your hair prepared for the days of sunny and humid weather. Getting the right hair care routine down can help in protecting your precious mane from the harsh heat and improve the look of your hair. Limelite Salon and Spa, one of the best hair salons in Chennai is here with must-learn tips and tricks to care for your hair in the summers. And feel free to book an appointment for expert consultation.

How hot weather impacts your hair? 

Hot weather and UV rays are the most common causes of hair damage. They cause hair to become frizzy, the hair colour to fade, and the ends to split. The UV rays dehydrate the hair cuticle and damage the hair shaft. Excess sweat and moisture can also cause your hair to fall flat and lose its volume in the hot weather. However, with a proper hair care routine, you can prevent heat damage and flaunt your luscious locks. Here are a few essential tips to shield your hair from the scorching sun.  

Use Scarves and Hats 

Wear a hat or scarf to protect your hair from hot weather. You can choose from wide-brimmed hats to denim caps and floppy hats to fancy canvas hats. To provide an extra layer of shield, try wrapping your hair in a silk scarf before you put on the hat. If you are someone who gets uncomfortable with hats, try a scarf or head wraps. This way you can offer full protection to your hair. Besides, scarves can add a fun element to your outfit. 

Tweak the hair wash routine 

Summer brings along extra heat and humidity. This might tempt you to wash your hair very often. But, remember that excessive shampooing can dry out your hair further by stripping off your scalp’s natural oils. Limelite hair salon experts recommend you to stick to washing with conditioning cleansers 2-3 times a week. 

Deep-conditioning hair treatments 

Conditioning helps add a layer of protection to your hair cuticle, which is usually prone to damage by environmental changes. In summers, it’s ideal to consider deep-conditioning treatments for extra moisture. Deep-conditioning treatments like Keratin treatment helps in rebuilding those parts of the hair which have been damaged. Additionally, they leave you with shiny, less frizzy, and easy to manage hair.  

Safeguard your strands from the sun 

Make a daily habit of using a hair care product that contains UV filters (these can be in spray, hair gel, or cream formulas). The products safeguard your strands from sun damage and help keep colour-processed hair from fading. You can also consider choosing hats rated with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) number since they’re tested and regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). 

Trim your hair 

Start the summer hair care routine with a trim. Trimming your hair gets rid of split ends and refreshes your style. Plus, trimming makes it easier to manage your hair during the hot weather. Do not worry about the hair length. Your hair grows faster during the summer season because most strands are in the Anagen phase or growth phase during late spring and summer.  

Stay hydrated 

This is a pro tip that you just cannot ignore! You may be doing every possible thing to keep your hair in its best condition. But not getting enough hydration can hamper the results. Your scalp remains hydrated and healthy by having the right amount of water in the diet. Drink lots of water and cooling fluids and include rich-water content foods in your diet.  

Avoid excess usage of heat styling tools 

Avoid excess usage of heat styling tools like blow dryers, hair straighteners, and curling irons. The heat can add up to the existing summer heat and make your hair dry and fizzy. Limelite hair salon experts recommend you choose more natural hairstyles in the summers. 

Tie up your hair 

Sweaty hair is a mess! Tying your hair not only limits exposure to the sun but also avoids sweating. Tie your hair into a ponytail or go for easy and quick hairstyles like braids, messy buns, and twists. Do check our blog on trendy summer hairstyles for the best hairstyle inspirations. The hairstyles add a chic factor to your overall look and elevate your style!  

Hair care checklist while swimming 

Chlorinated water can take a toll on your hair health. Before you take a dip, rinse your hair with clean water. If your hair is saturated with clean water or a leave-in conditioner, it won’t absorb as much chlorine water. To minimize the effect of chlorine on your hair, rinse your hair with shampoos and conditioners made specifically for swimmers. Also, wear a good quality swimming cap to keep your hair dry and safe while swimming.  

Make time for a hair mask 

A nourishing hair mask can do wonders to your hair. Hair masks provide essential nourishment and moisture to your hair and reduce hair breakage and damage. They also improve the length and strength of your hair over time, leaving behind long and lustrous locks. Why wait? Head to a hair salon near you and pamper your strands with a hair mask.  

We hope you found this blog informative and helpful! Do consider dropping by at Limelite Salon and Spa! Limelite is a premium hair salon in Chennai, that aims to give you, the customer, the very best experience! Whether it’s just a haircut or a keratin treatment, olaplex treatment, or our special Kerastase fusio dose – when you are at Limelite, our dedicated team of professionals will ensure that you are well taken care of! To know more about our services or to book an appointment with us, call us at the number mentioned on our website. We always have offers you wouldn’t want to miss, and we would love to have you in our salon. Thank you! 

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