Top Celebrity Hair Transformation to inspire for 2024


Whether it is from films, music, TikTok’s or any other industry, all of us have a certain liking towards celebs for not only their outstanding works but also for their good looks especially when it comes to their hair!  Most of the celebrities out there are not afraid to arrive in style to every event they go to and stay up to the latest trends and leave everyone in awe with their different hair looks. Most of us draw inspiration from them and dream of pulling off cool looking hairstyles! If you’re looking out for a salon in the region of Chennai to nail a hairstyle of your favorite celebrity or any celebrity in general for your hair, then Limelite salon and spa which is a premium hair salon located at Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore is the perfect place to provide you with the right look!

How to choose the right celebrity hairstyle for you?

Face shape: Face shape plays an important role in determining whether the right celebrity hairstyle is for you. Whether your face is flat or round or oval or in any other shape, it is always better to take up a celebrity’s hairstyle that has the same face shape structure as yours.

Browse for different hairstyles: You can take up a few fashion magazines or just browse away through the net and search. There are plenty of hairstyles of celebs that you can spot and choose what you think looks amazing and ascertain whether the hairstyle suits you or ask your barber whether he can pull it off with you! 

Hair types and textures: Of course, there are a whole lot of attractive hairstyles that would suit your looks but another important factor to consider is your hair type and texture. Like for example some hairstyles will pop out more when it comes to straight hair or curly hair and also other hair types and its different textures.  You must also take into consideration the time needed to take care of your quality hairstyle on a daily basis.

Top Celebrity Hair Transformations of the Year

Florence Pugh 

One of the most viral celebrity transformations belongs to Florence Pugh when she transformed her hairstyle with a cool buzz haircut look. Not only that, she elevated her cut by adding some stunning eye catchy colors such as white with slight tints of orange and pink.

Miley Cyrus 

Another celebrity that diverted attention to her side with her amazing hair colour look is Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus had done a brunette transformation to her hair which was previously a white frosted hair colour. 

Kirti Kulhari

Kirti Kulhari’s new amazing hair look was a bit of a shocker for everyone as she stunned everyone by cutting her long hair and saying goodbye to her long locks and getting herself a sweet looking crew cut!

Dixie D’Amelio 

For those ladies out there, who are looking to go full out blond should follow the example of Dixie D’Amelio! Dixie D’Amelio showed people out there that she isn’t shy to try going full on bright by turning her jet-black hair to a short trimmed stunning full on blonde hair colour!

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Priyanka Chopra Jonas brought the Pony Tail hairstyle back to life by impressing everyone by her school like side ponytails! Priyanka Chopra nailed this hairstyle in one of posts posing as the brand ambassador for the company Bulgari adorning some of their jewellery pieces!


Zendaya recently decided that it’s time to look fresh and she certainly did by transforming her hair with a nice-looking tousled layered haircut which is at shoulder’s length. For those ladies out there, who want to rock Zendaya’s look, all you have to do is step into Limelite and the rest is history!


Usher is a well-known figure who is most popular known for his hair looks. Usher at the start of this year during the month of January elevated his hair to the next level by giving his black hair a buzz cut and a red look! 

Brad Pitt 

Brad Pit is a name that is not unheard of and is well known amongst many! Brad Pit transformed his look by getting himself a crew cut and adding on lighter brown highlights and also silver-coloured strands here and there to his hair!

Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Samantha Ruth Prabhu surprised her fans by going for a whole new look but giving herself a short hairstyle, which is all the way up to her chin and neck. She showed the world her new look by putting up a video on Instagram.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone stormed the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscars in full style with her signature messy top knot hairstyle with a hair bun that stole the show with her amazing electric blue eyeliner!


No matter what kind of celebrity look you’re trying to accomplish, one thing is clear and that is that Limelite salon and spa in the region of Chennai is one of the best places for you to visit to achieve the desired look. Limelite has several of its branches located in Chennai namely at Anna Nagar, Ashok Nagar, ECR, OMR, Chamiers and at Vadapalani in Nexus Mall.

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