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Love is in the air. Oops, it’s just the aroma of your NAILS getting done! Nails are like the superhero cape for your hands. No matter what you are wearing or what mood you are in, perfect nails still have the supremacy to lift your mood. Well, how about you change the world with some colours? Sounds difficult? Oh, stop worrying. Life is too short to have boring nails so this blog is going to give you a guide on the trendiest nails so that you can flaunt it. Don’t worry girl, we got you covered for that beautiful nail makeover. Nail trends are spreading like a piece of hot news on the internet daily. But you have to choose the one that suits your style and also the trend. Here are some of the trendy nails that you can get. It’s a guide on how to NAIL THE TRENDS PERFECTLY!  

Nails with Graphic designs: Ever seen how bold a graphic designer is with her abstract drawings and doodles? Well, why not apply the same technique to your nails? Graphic design is one of the most popular Nail trends for 2021. Think about any colour, abstract figures, dark or muted shades, and contrasting effects. Mingle them all and you will get the perfect nails. Your nails don’t have to be straight or exactly curved. Play with your colour and ideas and boom that design!  

Metallic Nails: Love that glossy metal texture on cars or on any building? How about giving the same shine to your nails? The craze for metallic nails this year is funky. Hollywood queens like Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and many more were spotted with this look on their social media. You can choose any colour that you want to apply. If your nails are coffin-shaped then it’s a must-go! You can easily visit the nail salon for further assistance and the perfect lookout.  

Anime nail art: Do you also get excited by names like ‘Eren Yeager’, ‘Kira’, ‘Naruto’ and try to speak broken Japanese? Definitely, you are a WEEB then, and this will be the best nail trend choice for you. Whether you are a Ghibli studios fan or Demon Slayer, you can decorate your nails with this intricate and quirky art. Choose any of your favourite characters or the symbol, and it will be there on your nails. Support your favourite show with these trendy anime nails and flaunt it off.  Where to get it?  I would suggest you get these trends done at a salon rather than trying them out yourself. So why the wait?  

CD nails: How about some holographic shine on your nails? The kind of nails that change colours based on the light. Sounds groovy? Then get it! Your nails will be manicured using a pigment which is very special since it has shiny particles in them that will complete your look. You can choose any nail colour for your base or even go naked, and then apply a layer of this holographic pigment to give your nails the final touch up. Embrace the old soul vibe back from the 90s with this new trendsetter!  

Pearl Fun: Let’s dive deep into the ocean and choose the perfect pearls to be put on your nails! This new trend that has been brewing up for a long time, gives your nail a classy look. It is versatile as you can completely decide how many pearls you want on your nails. Depending on your choice, or how posh you want your nails to be? You can apply as many on your cuticle or completely drape your nails with the small whitish balls. Use a pearl nail polish that is iridescent in nature to give the desired outlook.  

 Galaxy nails: Why not skyrocket your nail trend with some funky galaxy nail trends? The Galaxy nail art is the perfect definition for the ‘out of the world look.’ YouTube has been blasting up with its tutorials and the fun part is – you can easily do it at home all by yourself! Choosing some bold blue and galaxy colours, you can give your nails the perfect glittery, and starry finish with some white paints or glitters. The abstract nature of this nail art makes it so desirable for others. Try this out and be your own star!  

Jewel Dwell: Cardi B inspired this new trend of nail art followed by Megan Thee Stallion. This nail art trend is one of the classy and trending looks. Jewels of different sizes are placed on your nails that give you a dripping lookout! You can easily get them in your nearest salon  

Nails without a little sparkle is like a cake without frosting. So why go bland when you can chase your dreams in killer heels and perfectly painted nails? Choose the trend that suits you the most and get that perfect design right on your hand. Sure, life isn’t perfect but that doesn’t count for your nails too!  

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