10 curly hair tips for Curls

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Don’t you love the spotlight for your perfect hair? And if your hair is curly, the whole attention goes to you when you walk into a room! As much as compliments you get for your unique, and beautiful locks, some of you dread it too. Hair can get dry, coarse, and frizzy that can change your mood instantly from high to low. The curls decide the mood you gotta be! Visit the best salon near me and leave with a smile. Well, good curls need good care and also good products. The right curls can boost up your curly hair game, and you will keep falling for them over and over again. Even though life cannot be perfect, but your curls can be by following some simple tips. When you do a haircut near me, it always turns out to be good. 

  • Avoid Brushing curly hair: As much as you want your hair to be free, never use the small-toothed comb to brush your curls. Always use a wide-toothed comb after shampooing. Also, resist combing your wet hair as it makes your hair vulnerable to damage and hair fall. The best way to protect your curls, is by simply running your fingers through your hair, after a shower. A regular visit to a unisex salon near you will soften your curls and give them a good texture. 
  • Giving your curls pre-shampoo treatment: Nothing feels great as giving the proper care to your hair. Pre-shampoo treatment is a blissful phase for all the curly girls out there. Getting rid of that frizz and tangle from your hair, pre-shampoo treatment is the answer. You can do this by separating your curls into sections, and then applying a conditioning oil or, a hair mask. Remember, this step is done while your hair is dry. Keep your hair with the oil or the mask for 20 minutes. To get an effective result, you can even cover your hair with a towel or shower cap to trap the heat which lets the conditioner penetrate your hair and cuticle well.  
  • It’s shampoo time: Your eyes can go gaga over the range of shampoos we have for our hair. However, this is the crucial step as it ensures more protection, and beautiful curls! Choosing the right shampoo can help you get strong and amazing curls easily. Shampooing cleans away all the dead cells, excess oil, and  dust particles that might have got collected in your scalp. Always look for a mild shampoo that is free of any kind of chemical toxins. Avoid shampoo whose content have parabens, sulphates, silicones, and alcohols as they create a lot of irritation on your scalp. Mild shampoos are free of such toxins and can improve the health of your curls. The best hair salon in Chennai offers extravagant treatment for your shiny hair. 
  • Its cold water or nothing! – As much as cozy and comfortable you feel, standing under a warm or hot shower, it’s just damaging your curls more than you expect. Surprised right? Hot water opens up your cuticle which makes your hair frizzy and vulnerable to damage and hair fall. It also washes away, the natural oil or sebum present on your scalp. It might be freezing for you in the beginning, but good hair takes rigorous measures. Nothing comes easy, do they?  
  • Say goodbye to split ends- Don’t you hate double-faced people? It should be the same for you when it comes to split ends. Well, get your hair trimmed after every 6-8 weeks so that you do not grow these  ungrateful two-faced hairs that will only bring you damage! Instead, do what will make your curls healthy. Trim your hair at a women hair salon near me and feel the difference. 
  • Moderate heat to shine like a star- It must be a tiring job when you have plans to go out, and you have to get your hair ready! Often, we tend to use high heat temperature, to get our curls done in a less amount of time, but guess what- You are just stripping away the natural beauty from your curls! Do not do that grave crime and instead use diffuser spray before curling your hair. The heat should be at a moderate level which will give you the natural, desirable curls.  
  • Get your beauty sleep- In the midst of getting admired for your curls, and having fun with them, do not forget your sleeping beauty routine! The pine appealing trick for curly hairs while sleeping does wonders. Pile your hair all up into a loose ponytail or a bun before sleeping, as it avoids friction. The best choice for your pillow should be a satin or silk cover that can protect you from hair fall. If you change your mind, know where to get rid of these curls, visit the best keratin treatment near me and free yourself of those locks. 
  • Let nature brush you away! – Natural ingredients like olive oil, eggs, avocados, milk, apple cider vinegar, and many more can improve the health of your hair. Make a hair mask using these natural ingredients and apply them frequently.  
  • Limited shampooing- Curly hair can get dry easily, and that creates a myth that excessive shampoo can save you from dryness. WRONG! The natural moisture from your hair gets sucked up by excessive shampooing. First, look for moisturizing ingredients in your conditioner that can stay for a long period of time.  
  • Curly hair oils- Natural oils like olive and castor create beautiful magic for the curls. Apply them weekly to give your curls shine and the perfect look.  

 Haircare is not easy and often tiring. But once you get healthy hair and know how to preserve it for days, you become your own Rapunzel in your Tangled story.  


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