8 Self-Care Hacks To Feel Better



Self-care has taken a back seat ever since we are battling with the pandemic!  You hear the word quarantine and you start whining about the things that you are not allowed to do. But have you ever thought about what you can do now? 

When you heard another lockdown is starting soon, you ordered groceries first. Next, you checked on your Wi-Fi so that your work-from-home days go right. Last but not the least, you subscribed to OTT streaming platforms. 

Life is sorted, yeah?  

NO. That’s not all. There are many other things you can do to pamper yourself. Believe us, you REALLY need some of those to keep yourself (almost) saneSo, let’s talk about eight self-care tips that everyone needs – pandemic or NO pandemic.  

1. Skin & Hair Care 

Are you bored with all the bloggers telling you about their ‘beauty routines’?  We feel you. But, it is an important element of self-care. Skincare is not only about cleansing your face twice a day or putting on a sheet mask now and then. The same goes for your hair too. If you are not sure about how to treat your skin and hair, an at-home salon session is always there to help. Book an appointment with the best shampoo station that sends their experts home. Relax, all the professional spas and salons use top-notch sanitizing measures nowadays. 

2. Take A Warm Bath  

Remember the epic scene from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the one where Chandler was chilling in the tub because he had a “ very long, hard day“? Well, he was lying to hide his secret but your crazy schedule doesn’t lie! Taking a hot bath will really help you to relax and recharge yourself for the next day. Use some bath salts, essential oils, play some good music and spend as long as possible in a nice bath. 

3.Pamper Your Nails  

Ladies, you don’t just paint your nails to make them look pretty. Your hands are your money makers and they need great care. Look up online for a home manicure and pedicure package that saves your efforts and energy. Use search terms like “nail prices near me” and you will get a whole lot of choices. 

4. Write A Gratitude Journal  

Yes, yes every social media influencer talks about that too. But until you try it, you can’t understand its magic. Writing a gratitude journal is not like writing the bestseller that turns into a movie one day!  Nobody is going to judge you for your writing skills, spelling errors, or even your handwriting. A journal is personal and you don’t need a reader if you don’t want to.  

Start your day by writing the basic three things you feel thankful for. It can be someone you love, it can be the most favorite hobby you have or a book you read. You will feel awesome when your day begins on a positive note.  

5. Get Your Body Moving!  

You have complained all your life that you don’t get time to exercise daily. Now when you are home most of the time, can’t you just take 30 minutes out of your busy routine? Practice yoga or do a non-stop cardio or dance to some peppy number, whatever you feel like.  

If you don’t feel like doing heavy chores, just take a quick walk in your neighborhood. Fresh air helps to reduce your stress. But, don’t forget to wear your mask when you step outside of your home. 

6. Give Yourself A Complete Makeover 

Are you feeling like your life needs a big change right now? Start with giving yourself a makeover first. They say with a new look, begins a new chapter of life! It is not just a saying, a makeover really feels like a brand new way to look at yourself in the mirror. You can find lots of makeover ideas online. Nowadays, booking a ‘hair color appointment near me’ has become easier with online apps. Decide what look you want and take a professional’s help. 

7. Put Your Phone Down, No Seriously  

Is there even a single minute of the day when you are not staring at your phone/ laptop’s screen? While it’s important to stay connected in these trying times, your eyes and mind need some break too. Just take a break from all the devices, pour a warm mug of tea/coffee, and pick up a book or just enjoy your drink in silence. 

8. Book A Hair Spa Session  

Do you feel your hair needs some nourishment? You neglect your hair care routine for all the crazy work-from-home, cook-at-home routines. As a result, you end up with dull, dry, and frizzy hair which you hate the most! Ever wondered what a professional hair spa can do for you? And it’s a warning call for the men too.  Search for the best men’s hair spa (at-home) services near you. After all, why the ladies should have all the fun? 


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