Hair Transformation for Women


There is a special bond between the hair and a person. Women having good hair makes them feel confident which also acts like a source for personal expression. It is important for all women to take care of their hair not only when it comes to looks but also when it comes to their health. Whatever your hair needs and arising questions may be such as latest hairstyles for women or best hairstyles for women, Limelite Salon and spa which is a premium hair salon across Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore will definitely provide you with an experience which would leave you speechless and in awe with your hair! In this guide we dwell on the different hair transformation services for Women.

10 Best Hair Transformation services for Women

Women love to look their best with their hair and stay up to date with the trends and often have arising questions such as what are the trendy hairstyles for women? or what are the different hairstyles for women? Here, we are going to have a look at the 10 Best Hair Transformation services for Women.


The most commonly sort out service is of course a haircut. Women want their hair to look amazing which is suited for any scenario. There are a variety of choices for women to choose from when it comes to haircuts for women. Most women look out for a haircut preferably according to the length like short or long or somewhere in between. So, they would often look up for short haircut styles for women or haircuts for long hair women or medium hair styles for women. There are various different haircut services for women such as Style Director, Kids Cut, Basic Style Hair Cut and more!   


The name of this Hair Transformation Service says it all! This service involves a wash, condition and styling. There are various new hairstyles for women available for women to check out or you can also style your hair according to your liking. There are various styling services offered such as Hair Wash Blast Dry, Hair-updo, Ironing with Tongs and more! 


Some Women want to take their hair to the next level by adding a touch of a different colour to their hair and would often research on the topic hair colour style for women and look out for some cool looking hair colours that would suit their hairstyle. There are many hair colour services offered for women such as Global Colour, Fashion streaks Colour, Classic Highlights, Balayage and many more!


It is a hair transformation service that is provided by adding Olaplex Bonding Solution. The service provided for Women using Olaplex is Olaplex Stand-alone Treatment for short, medium and long hair.

Olaplex Colour – Add On

It is a Colour Service Treatment using Olaplex Colour Add On.  The services provided for women are Olaplex Colour Service Treatment and Olaplex Colour Treatment with Foil.

Metal DX – Add On

Metal DX is a L’Oréal Paris product that detoxifies the hair which is used after a Colour service. It is used to clean the fibers of the hair and remove metal particles from the hair.  Services provided under Metal DX – Add On include Metal DX for Thick Hair, Metal DX for Fine Hair and Metal DX for Sensitised.

Hair Spa 

It is a hair transformation service that involves a Wash, Massage, Rinse and Blast Dry for your Hair. Hair Spa generally helps in removing dandruff from your hair, increases your hair growth and also relieves you from stress! The service offered for Hair Spa is Deep Nourishing Hair Spa for Short, Medium and Long Hair. 

Head Massage 

Head Massage is a service where pressure is applied to a person’s head while he or she is in a relaxed position. The main advantage of a Head Massage is that it helps in Hair Growth. There are several Head Massage Services offered such as 

Absolute Destress, Mint Magic, Coconut Cadence and more!

Texturising Treatments 

Texturising treatments are done to loosen the natural curls and to provide more breathable space to your hair. There are several Texturising services that are available for Women such as Brazilian Keratin, Straightening and Smoothening for Short, Medium and Long Hair and many more!

How to choose the best style for you?

Face Shape: One of the most reliable ways of finding what is the best style that suits you is your Face Shape.  All you have to do is google simple hairstyle for Women or whatever Hairstyle it is you want for so and so face shape and see which hairstyle suits you.

Hair texture: Another way of choosing  the best hairstyle for yourself will be your hair texture. Some hairstyles would not suit your hair texture and can take a lot of effort to maintain. You should choose a hairstyle that is easy to maintain and brings the best of your looks.

Your personal style: There will definitely be some personal hairstyle looks that you would love to rock. So, choose a hairstyle that will be in tune and match your style preferences.

Tips to choose your Hairstylist

Hairstylist’s communication: Before your hair transformation service, Observe the communication skills of the Hairstylist whether he or she is able to understand what is the look you want and deliver the same.

Salon Environment: Check out the environment of the Salon whether it is clean and professional. By having a glance at the environment, you should be able to determine whether the salon will be able to provide good results.

Ask questions: Ask questions like what are the best shoulder length hairstyles for women or whatever it is that you want, it’s your hair and you need to have the best. Find out the answers to all your wants and needs and choose the perfect hairstyle that would suit you.


As a woman, Your hair matters and it is important to take care of it not only to look fab but also when it comes to your health. Whatever it is that you seek, whether it is long haircuts for women or front hair cut for women, Limelite Salon and Spa is there to provide the best hair transformation services to all their customers!

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