Hair Transformation for Men


Hairstyles for men is really a topic up for discussion with a lot of men concerned about what hairstyle will suit their physical features. Whether the category is best short hairstyles for men or best long hair haircuts men or trending hairstyles for men or anything else, men just want the best hairstyle to look attractive and want to switch up their hairstyle based on the occasion or on the setting. Whatever the look you have on your mind, Limelite Salon and spa which is a premium hair salon across Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore will definitely provide the best of the best services and bring your vision to light! In this guide we dwell on the different hair transformation services for men.

Top Hair Transformation services for Men

Men always ask the question what is the best hairstyle for Indian Men? Well, Here are the best top hairstyle services or hair transformations services for Men.


The most sort out service which is more of a necessity is a Haircut where one shortens or styles their hair to the hairstyle they want.  When it comes to men’s haircuts, men look out for different cuts depending on various aspects, like when it comes to length, they look out for short hair men’s haircuts or hairstyles for men with long hair. Some men want to keep in touch with the current newest trend and they will look out for the latest haircut for men.  Some men whereas would love to keep it lowkey due to reasons such as work and they would look out for decent hairstyles for men and some want a hairstyle based on the occasions and they will look out for formal hairstyles for men or Wedding hairstyle for men. Whatever the haircut or hairstyle may be, men want something that makes them look handsome and attractive. Some Men’s haircut services are like Regular Hairstyle and Change of Style Haircut.  


It is a service that involves the coloring of hair. When it comes to hair Color, some men want to retain the original color of their hair while other men want to step it up a bit by colouring their hair to a different colour like blonde, red, blue, silver and other colors too! Men often search for hair colour style for men to know which hairstyle will suit the color of their hair. There are various hair colour services like Global Colour, Global Non-Ammonia Colour, Streaks Colour and many more!

Head massage 

In a Head massage, pressure is applied to head while the person is in a relaxed position. Head massages helps in increasing your hair growth, reduces your headaches and also lowers your blood pressure! Some types of head massage services are Olive Odyssey, Almond Rhapsody, Mint Magic, etc.  

Texturising Treatments

Texturising treatments is like a relaxer that is done to loosen your natural curls in order to smoothen and provide more breathing space to your hair. There are several types of Texturising Treatments such as Smoothening, Straightening and Keratin 

Hair Spa 

Hair Spa is like a cream bath that includes washing your hair, a massage, rinse and blast dry. Hair spa helps in a lot of ways like reducing dandruff, in repairing damage hair and much more! Some services of Hair Spa for men include Mane Fundamentals Hair Spa and Detox.


It’s all about the style when it comes to your hair, beard and moustache. Whether it’s office or a party or any other occasion, all you have to do is check out some hair designs for men or hairstyles for men without beard and show the barber the style that you want so that you can look your best. There are various Styling services such as Shaving, Beard designing, Party Makeup, Moustache color and so on!

How to choose the Best Hairstyle for yourself?

Here are a few things that you know for men’s hairstyle in order to choose the best hairstyle that suits you.

Face shape: One common way of finding which hairstyle suits you is your face shape. You can browse the internet and search for best hairstyle for round face men or hairstyle for long face men or best hairstyle for oval face or whatever shape your face is in and check out which hairstyle suits your face type.

Hair type: Find out what is your hair type and surf through the net accordingly that suits your hair type as not all hairstyles will suit all hair types. You should also assess what is your hair texture and based on that get a treatment that will suit your hair.

Ask questions and recommendations from others: Ask other people questions like what are the best hairstyles for men or what are the best long hairstyles for men and also recommendations like cool hairstyles for men or  good hairstyles for men. The more information you gather about hairstyles or any other hair transformation service, the better understanding you will get to which hairstyle suits you.

Tips to choose your Hairstylist 

Portfolio: Check out what is their portfolio. Most hairstylists nowadays make use of Social Media to display their works. You can browse through and see what you are looking for whether its side haircut for men or summer hairstyles for men or

anything else,  just make sure that they can provide the type of hairstyle you are looking for which is proper and professional.

Trial service:  Before going for an actual haircut, its better to get a trial service. You can opt for a men’s simple hairstyle and based on the service you receive; you can evaluate the performance of the hairstylist. 

Interaction: As the hair transformation service is going on for you, observe how the Interaction is taking place like whether the hairstylist is kind and whether he or she takes interest in knowing about your needs and also in providing you with  free consultation.


As a man, it is important to take care of your hair and choose a hairstyle that not only makes you attractive but something also that shows off your personality and boosts your overall confidence. Whatever hairstyle you’re looking for whether it’s ponytail hairstyle for men, back hairstyle for men or anything else, all you have to do is browse for men’s hairstyle images and walk into the nearest Limelite Salon and spa and show them what you are looking for, they will surely provide you with the best services and bring your hairstyle vision to life!

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