10 Salon Services for Best Skin Transformation for Men at Different Ages


Skin is an important feature of your body and it is important for you to take good care of it not only to prevent infections and other diseases but also to boost your self-esteem and confidence. Men like women, love to be fashionable and do things that complement their skin like global highlights for Indian skin. This shows how much of an important role your skin plays, So it is good for you to keep your skin in check by going to a good salon for a skin treatment that provides the best services to their customers like Limelite Salon and Spa which is a premium hair salon in Chennai, Bangalore, and Coimbatore.

In this guide, we dwell on the different skin transformation services for men.

10 Best Skin Transformation Services for Men

Your skin always leaves a positive impression on the minds of other people. Taking care of your skin as a man is a lot of work because when it comes to men, most men have thick and firm skin which is oilier compared to women’s skin texture. Also, there is the issue of the skin getting damaged when it comes to shaving which also leaves an open space to more infectious diseases.  

Here are 10 of the best skin transformation services for Men:


One of the most sort after skin transformation services is a skin treatment for the face. It is a treatment that restores and nourishes the skin on your face giving you a brighter look. There are many arising questions for facials with concerns to different skin types like which facial is best for dry skin or which facial is best for glowing skin in parlour or even which facial is best for skin whitening. The list is endless! 


The name of this service says it all! Cleanups help in different ways like in the removal of blackheads or whiteheads, the removal of dead skin cells, getting rid of acne and a lot more! Some types of cleanup services include Express Cleanup and Insta Glow Cleanup which can be considered to be the best cleanup services available for glowing skin and also other skin types!

Foot Massage 

Foot massage is another commonly sort out treatment which involves the pressing of your foot by applying pressure to it. A foot massage helps in plenty of ways like in the reduction of stress and anxiety, the circulation of blood and can even lower your blood pressure! One such treatment is the Thai foot Reflexology treatment. 

Rica waxing 

Rica waxing is a treatment that is used to remove hair from the body that uses Liposoluble Wax that is manufactured by the Italian company Rica. This wax uses natural ingredients and no chemicals at all. There are several Rica waxing treatments that can be done for Under Arms, Feet, Full Torso, Half Legs and also for other parts of your body!


Jeannot skin treatment is based off skin products from a renowned brand from Spain known as Jeannot which helps in providing brighter and finer skin!  There are different Jeannot services like Hydra Boost, Brilliance White, Instant Glow and Infinite Youth. 


Threading is a quick and natural way of removing hair and smoothening your skin without much recovery needed. Some varieties of threading Include Eyebrow Threading and Sides Threading. 


Bleach skin care treatment is basically done to lighten up the dark parts of your body which results in your skin having a glow up!  It also helps in giving an even tone to your skin and minimaxing the presence of acne scars. Some types of Bleach skin care treatment are Neck/Face Bleach and Feet Bleach. 


Detan is a common skin care service that is provided to remove the tanned skin that is affected due to the harsh sun rays and also pollution.  There like different kinds of Detan services like Feet Detan, Half Arms Detan, Full Arms Detan and Face/Neck Detan. 

Nail Grooming 

Nail grooming is a skin care service that involves like maintenance of nails like cutting, filling and polishing and also nail polish removal. Nail Grooming services include Cut & File – Toes/Fingers and File & Nail Polish – Toes/Fingers.


Skeyndor treatment helps in the reduction of wrinkles and also helps in the smoothening of your skin! It also helps in protecting your skin from the harmful Ultraviolet Rays of the sun! There are several types of Skeyndor services which include Firm Redefine Lift, Triple Synergy Pack, Re-awaken With Selenite Mineral and many more!

Reference link:  https://skeyndor.in/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=ROI_Brand_Search_4jan%2723&gclid=Cj0KCQjwwvilBhCFARIsADvYi7LZ8Km-9NJllwioLRmbfCsJjsIoX5gSmCPV8mTbunIC4NA1eT0-CkYaAnbyEALw_wcB 

How to choose which Skin Transformation service suits you the best?

Know what is your skin type:

You need to have a general knowledge of what is your skin type i.e., at least the symptoms of your skin and what is the sensitivity of your skin.  Based on this you can select your service.

Ask questions:

You need to ask questions related to the skin care service and your skin like what is the best facial for dry skin or which is the best facial for sensitive skin or what is the best facial kit for skin whitening. Asking questions like these can limit down your choices and lead you towards selecting the right type of service for your skin.

Test skin products: 

Before undergoing an actual skin care service, it is any day better to try out the skin product because some skin products may have an allergic affect which can cause distresses and itching which leads to the  further damaging of the skin.

Tips to choose your go-to-salon

Qualification of skin care specialist:

It is also better to have a bit of knowledge of the person who is going to provide you the skin care treatment. Check out their professionalism and certification to know whether they can provide a good service with positive results rather than destroying your skin even more.

Hygienic environment:

It is of utmost importance to find a place that is clean and hygienic as it involves your skin. Going and receiving skin care treatment in an unhygienic place will only lead to more skin problems.

Easily accessible and convenient:

Choose a salon that is near your place or at least   a place that Is not too far off. A place with proper service and timings will be convenient for you to make regular visits.

Handsome young smiling man smearing shaving cream on his cheek.


As mentioned earlier, it is equally important for men to take care of their skin to stay healthy and radiant. Whatever your questions may be regarding your skin, whether your question is which facial is best for glowing skin or which facial is good for dry skin, Limelite salon and spa is there to provide you with free consultation and the best skin care services experience available.

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