10 Salon Services for Best Skin Transformation for Women at Different Ages


There are many things related to skin that women search for like Global highlights for Indian skin,  what is the best facial kit for skin whitening? or even which facial is best for glowing skin in parlor? These arising questions show the importance of the role that skin plays for a person. There is a saying that the body is like a temple, in other words a place of worship. So, when the question arises why do you need a skin transformation?  The answer is simple, your body is unique and wonderful in many different ways and it’s important for you to take care of your skin by going for a skin treatment. Whatever you skin needs may be, Limelite salon and spa is there to provide the best of the best to the customers. In this guide we dwell on the different skin transformation services for women.

10 Best Skin Transformation Services for Women 

It is important for women to take care of their skin because it is important for them to stay healthy and radiant. Going and undertaking skin transformation services from a proper salon that offers the best of the best to their customers that can boost the self-esteem and also make them feel more confident about their body which will provide them a sense of comfort.

Here are 10 of the best skin transformation services for Women:

1] Facial treatment 

The most commonly sort after-treatment is the skin treatment for the face, with many questions asked such as which facial is best for dry skin? or which facial is best for glowing skin? Whether it’s a facial for glowing skin or a facial for sensitive skin or any other skin type there are various services varying from Deep hydration facial, Grand Luxe lightening facial to Absolute Grease removal facial.


2] Cleanups 

A Cleanup is basically a type of skin transformation service that focuses mainly on the objective of cleansing and purifying one’s skin! Some of the best cleanups for glowing skin and also other skin types are Express clean up and Insta Glow Cleanup. 

3] Steam 

Steam treatment is where steam is let onto the person’s face or skin to open up the pores and clear any type of debris that is there on your face or body.

4] Pedicure  

Pedicure is a type of therapeutic treatment which is done for toenails and the feet. There are many benefits that come with the treatment like it gives you smoother skin, removes dead cells, increases blood cells, makes you feel stress free and so on! There are various types of pedicure treatments such as Green bliss pedicure, classic detox pedicure, Aroma pedicure and many more!

5] Threading 

Threading involves using threads to give your skin a smoother look. There are different types of Threading such as Eyebrows Threading, Cheeks Threading, Chin Threading, and so on! All that Limelite offers!

6] Detan 

Detan is a common procedure done by women which involves removing the tanned and dead skin cells which are caused by the sun’s harmful rays. There are various Detan services such as Face/neck De-tan, Under arms Detan and many more!

7] Bleach 

Skin bleaching treatment is done to lighten the skin up at all the dark areas to make your skin look brighter and refreshed! Bleach services for skin is commonly done for underarms, full arm, feet and other parts.

8] Skeyndor 

Skeyndor treatment is done to reduce wrinkles and smoothen the skin and also helps in the increase of Epidermal skin cells!
There are various Skeyndor skin treatment services such as Pure Vitamin Glow, Marine mineral shock and so much more!

9] Manicure 

Manicure is a service provided for the hands where your nails are done up through cutting and shaping. The cuticles of your nails are also pushed behind and you also get a hand massage! There are different Manicure services such as Classic Detox Manicure, Ice cream Manicure services, etc. 

10] Cartridge waxing  

Cartridge waxing is mainly done for the areas such as the arms and the legs. It’s a roll-on waxing that removes hair without any pain! There are many Cartridge waxing services like Full Body Cartridge wax, Under Arms Cartridge wax, etc.

How to choose which skin transformation service that suits you the best 

1] Know your skin type

Know what type of skin you have. Know what your skin concerns and its sensitivity. Based on this evaluation, you can choose which skin treatment suits you

2] Know the skin treatment

Know the plus and minus points of different  treatments you’re going to receive like What is the process?, How long will it take to recover? What are the side effects it could have on your skin?

3] Consult a professional and read reviews  – 

Before taking up any skin transformation service, it is always better to  go and meet a skin care specialist or anyone who has expert knowledge on the topic and knows different skins. Read reviews and find people with a similar skin type who have received skin care treatment.

4] Don’t be afraid to ask questions  – 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions like which facial is best for skin whitening? or which facial is best for glowing skin?. Ask these questions to the skin care specialist in order to get the best for your skin.

Tips to choose your go to Salon 

1] Health and Hygiene

As skin is a delicate part of the body, it is important to know the Hygiene standards that are taken by the Salon as it concerns your health. 

2] Range of services 

The Salon you choose to go to should have a wide range of skin care services that is suitable for all type of skins and so that they can meet all your skin care needs.

3] Good consultation

A good salon will provide you consultation after your treatment like the dos and don’ts and also provide some tips as to how you can take good care of your skin. 


As mentioned earlier, your body is like a temple and it is of utmost importance for you to take care of your skin as it concerns your health. One of the finest Salon’s out there is of course Limelite Salon delivers the best to their customers especially when it comes to your skin, whether it’s Nail Grooming or Masks or Foot massage or Jeannot service or anything else!

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