Limelite Salon & Spa, Best Hair Salon In Adyar, Chennai


Limelite salon and spa had a humble start during the year 2000 and yes you guessed it right, we have been in the beauty business for 23 years contributing the finest services to all our customers and also giving them a good pampering that they deserve. Limelite salon and spa has premium establishments located across Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore catering amazing services for both men and women. Want to have an ultimate hair experience from a top salon in Chennai? then your search ends at Limelite salon and spa! In this guide we are going to give a shoutout to our latest salon Limelite Hair salon which is the best hair salon in Adyar! 

Services for men

Now, let’s talk about the top salon in Adyar, which is Limelite! When it comes to men, there is so much to choose from, whether it’s a trendy cut or a skincare service. Limelite offers a wide spectrum for you to choose from! Let’s kick it off with some hair services. Men can go in for a haircut or even go all out by opting for a global hair color or even fashion streaks. But that’s not all! Men can also enjoy rejuvenating massages like Mint Magic or Almond Rhapsody. Now, let’s not forget about skincare! Yes, we do know how important it is to take care of our skin. Limelite offers an extensive list of skin services, more than you can count on your fingers! Some examples include Insta Glow Cleanup, White Mask Botanica, or Sensi Glow for men! The list goes on and on! Limelite also offers body services like Rica Waxing for full arms, feet, lower back, or other parts of the body, or even for the full body. Now, hold on, there are Kerastase services too, such as Genesis Experience Ritual, Fusio Scrub Deep Cleansing, and more! So, if you’re looking for the best salon in Adyar, this is the place to go!

Services for Women 

Now, let’s shift our focus to women and explore what the best salon in Chennai has to offer. Just like for men, there is a diverse collection of services for women too! They can choose from various hair services like a Hair-Updo or enhance their look with stunning hair colors such as Balayage for different hair lengths—short, medium, and large, or even Global Highlights. Women can indulge in rejuvenating Head Massages, Hair Spa, and Texturizing services like Deep Nourishing Hair Spa for different hair lengths, Olive Odyssey, or even Brazilian Keratin. When it comes to skincare, Limelite offers a wide range of services. Women can opt for a Gold Mask or indulge in a Skin Therapy service like a Grand Luxe Lightening Facial – Double Mask. But that’s not all! Women can even choose skin treatments under Skeyndor, such as Re-awaken with Selenite Mineral, or select a service from the Jeannot category or the Threading category like Brilliance White or a Full Face Threading. For the body and nails, women can explore services like Alga Apothecary Pedicure or Gel Polish with Glitter. And finally, there is the popular Kerastase line, offering services like Fusio Scrub Instant Detox, Nourish & Gloss Experience Ritual, and Bone And Fibre Strength Ritual. So, if you’re looking for a beauty parlour in Adyar, this is the place for you! 

Bridal services 

We have several packages and salon offers in Adyar, as well as at our other branches, for those who need to prep well and look their best for their big wedding day. For the brides, Limelite offers services such as the Classic Bride, The Elegant One, and more, ensuring they look stunning as they embark on a new chapter in their lives! Now, for the grooms, it’s all about looking good and handsome on their big day. Limelite Salon also provides services for them, such as the Classic Groom and the Everlasting Groom, pampering and giving an overall rejuvenating look!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

What are the costs of the services at Limelite in Adyar?

The cost for each service varies between men and women, considering factors such as hair length, the type of service, and other considerations. Please note that the prices listed are exclusive of tax.

Which hairstylist is the best in Adyar?

You don’t have to worry about searching for the best male hair stylist in Adyar or the best hair stylist in Adyar, as all of our staff are nothing short of professionals. It is guaranteed that they will do an excellent job and leave your hair looking fabulous.

Which is the best spa for my hair?

It really depends on the type and texture of your hair. Limelite offers several spa treatments for you to choose from. All you have to do is go to the hair stylist working with you and let them know the details about your hair.

Can I get the rates for each individual service?

All you have to do is boot up your device, search for Limelite on the net, and you will find our website. Once you’re on the website, navigate to the services page, where you will find the list of services along with their pricing.

Which hair salon is the best in Adyar where you can get yourself a haircut?

Whether you’re in search of a premium hair salon or the best hair salon in Adyar, know that our salon and spa offer a vast variety of top-quality services for men and women to choose from.


One of the best salon ,Tsherin mam treated me very well,they giving respect to our times and also they make sure our comfortable, believe me just try once u will definitely love it….Special thanks for Tsherin mam for giving me beautiful output.. – Birundha Bindhu

I had a great experience in this salon and best professionals personally styled more than a good way too friendly and talented stylist suzzan and Rabiya I really loved they work it’s tooo good and they did a great job   🏻❤️ Thank u limelite salon & ppl 🤝🏻❤️ – Swedha Vijay

Highly recommend this place for facial services. I have a very sensitive skin and was unsure about the services to be taken. I highly highly recommend SINDHU here who not only recommended me facial that suits my skin but her technique especially face massage is one of the best I have experienced with perfect pressure points. It was very relaxing and she had explanation of every step and was very engaging. If you are planning for a facial, please visit this place and ask for Sindhu !!! – himansha singh


New Door No.112, Kamaraj Ave 2nd St, Venkata Rathnam Nagar Extension, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020

PH: 8056912819

LimeLite Salon and Spa is undeniably one of the Top 10 salons in Adyar, renowned for our pampering and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Experience luxury and style at LimeLite – your go-to beauty destination for perfection.

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