Best Tips to Prevent your Dry and Dull Skin during Winter Season


Winter is approaching soon in India and it’s that time when your skin goes through all sorts of challenges with the two most commonly faced challenges being dryness and dullness. One may have various thoughts in their mind, such as what skin treatment they should go for to combat such issues, whether one can go in for a facial like a facial for glowing skin or a facial for sensitive skin. No matter what skin type you have, Limelite Salon and Spa, a professional hair salon with locations in Chennai, Bangalore, and Coimbatore, will assist you in combating these issues by providing top-of-the-line skincare services.

Problems that arise from dry and dull skin during the winter season

Redness of the skin: One of the problems of dry skin is redness. During the winter season, when your skin becomes dry, you may feel a sense of irritation which may lead to your skin  turning red and also making it inflamed leaving your skin even more sensitive and prone to skin diseases. 

Chapped lips: During Winter season your lip skin becomes chapped and cracked due to the low amount of humidity stripping off the skin from its natural moisture and leaving it looking dull.

Odd complexion: At the time of winter, there is a lack of moisture in skin, which leaves your skin naked which in turn leaves you with a dull complexion. 

Fine lines and wrinkles:  Since the skin lacks moisture, it makes the fine lines and wrinkles more noticeable making the person look dull and more aged than he or she actually is.

Cracked skin:  Another issue that people face is cracked skin. For some people, their skin becomes so dry and  that the skin appears to be cracked leaving behind a dull complexion. When the skin starts to crack, it gives way to bacteria which in turn leads to several health issues. 

Tight skin: Dry skin makes the skin feel tight which gives out a weird feeling. Having tight skin can make a person feel uncomfortable and restricts his or her movement from doing things. 

Worsening of skin conditions: For people with already existing skin diseases like eczema or psoriasis, the dryness that is caused by winter can accelerate the growth of these diseases and worsen the person’s condition.

How can one combat dry and dull skin?

Facials: A facial is one of the best skin treatments for the face. If you’re wondering which facial is best for dry skin or which facial is best for skin whitening, then just simply look out for a facial that hydrates and brings your skin back to life. It can be facials, masks or even a steaming session but look for something that would moisturize your skin. 

Moisturizing treatments: There are a lot of salons that offer Moisturizing skin care treatments but you have to look out for the best! Limelite salon and spa offers some top-quality moisturizing treatments which will leave your skin feeling fresh, hydrated and moisturized!

Exfoliation: Exfoliation is also a highly beneficial service for addressing dry skin because it involves the process of removing dead skin cells. This process helps eliminate dried, cracked, and flaky skin cells from the body. One of the best options is to opt for a facial clean-up service. If you’re looking to get the best facial for glowing skin or the best cleanup for oily skin then Limelite is your way to go! 

Massages: There are several types of soothing massages that one can go try out that relaxes the skin and circulates the blood flow throughout the body which will lead to the skin gaining back its overall complexion. 

Quality products:  Quality products are not easily available at one’s disposal whether the stores or through online sites. Some salons and spas like Limelite use Quality products that bring out more than positive results. When people look for the best facial for glowing skin or the best facial for dry skin, it is these quality products along with the professional service offered that leaves an impact on the person’s skin.

Expert advice:  Yes indeed, the right expert advice leads to the right methods followed. Limelite has a team of professionals that provides the best expert advice to all its customers!

Basic things people can do to avoid dryness and dullness of their skin

Avoid stress and relax when needed: Yes, stress is not only bad for the mind but it is also bad for the body too. If one is to be stressed then it will only worsen his or her skin condition.

Good sleep: Good sleep also plays an important role when it comes to the skin. Getting a good amount of sleep regenerates your skin cells and decreases the amount of dead skin cells.

Avoid hot showers: Having a hot bath may be relaxing but a bath with water that is too hot can strip the skin off the natural oils that are present. 

Eat healthy food: One can take good care of their skin and avoid dryness and dullness by eating nutritious food that is rich in vitamins and other nutrients.

Moisturize your skin daily: Apart from moisturizing treatments, people like to invest in moisturizing products too.  When you buy such products, one should look for its main purpose which is moisturizing one’s skin and also read reviews and see whether the product is worth buying and can deliver results without leaving any negative impacts.


Yes your skin can go through a lot of challenges depending on the nature of the weather like how one can go through the above-mentioned challenges during the winter season. If you need help and are in search of a salon and spa to help you combat these challenges then Limelite is the destination!  Whether it’s the best facial kit for skin whitening or the best wax for skin whitening, Limelite salon and spa is there to rejuvenate your skin by providing only the best of the best skin care treatments.

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