How to Achieve Salon Hair Care at Home: Professional Tips


No doubt that one’s hair is one of the most noticeable features and also styling one’s hair according to their liking whether it’s a fade cut, braids or a updo, we should also remember that at times that is not all about style and that the health and care of one’s hair comes first! Think of your hair as taking care of your body. In fact, taking good care of one’s hair can leave your hair looking fab! In this guide we are not just providing tips that are from top salon professionals, we are providing tips and also expressing the importance for a person to take care of one’s hair. One can also visit a top salon from time to time and take up some hair care services. If that is the case then just choose Limelite! Limelite salon and spa which is a premium hair salon with its branches at Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore offers some superb hair care services which will leave your hair fresh and rejuvenated.

What hair care routine should one follow at home? 

Know your hair type

First and foremost, before finding the appropriate routine or before visiting a hair salon for hair care services, one should know what type of hair they have whether the hair is straight, curly, wavy or coily.

Seek out professional advice 

Don’t shy away from asking for professional advice. Seeking out professional advice from a professional salon shop or makeover salon like Limelite hair salon will surely be one of the best decisions you have ever made as you can gain some tips or leads as to how you can take care of your hair at home! 

Gentle drying 

The way you dry your hair plays a role too! Whenever you’re going to pat your hair dry, it is important to use a separate towel for your hair and a separate towel for other parts for the body to maintain cleanliness. When it comes to the cloth to be used for your hair, one should use a clean soft cotton cloth that is soft and that can absorb excess amounts of water. One should gently pat their hair dry with the soft cloth as using a rough cloth or aggressively wiping your hair in order to remove moisture can cause hair damage. 

Hydrated hair

Hydration for one’s hair is so important. To maintain one’s hair scalp and overall hair growth and structure, one should ensure that he or she should drink plenty of water per day, at least 2 to 3 liters. Apart from drinking lots of water, one can search up on the internet for “salon shop near me” or “salon and spa near me” and visit the nearest salon and take up various Hair Hydration services that they have to offer. Limlite salon and spa caters a wide range of Hydration services!

Trim your hair 

Trimming at a regular period of time can actually help as it avoids the appearance of more and more split ends and at the same time it gets rid of all the damaged hair that you have overcome over that course of time. It is important to visit a professional salon like Limelite that provides good salon offers and also professional services so that your hair doesn’t get messed up or gets cut too short.

Gently detangling your hair with a comb 

Note that when your hair is wet, it gives away more room for breakage, to avoid this issue, one has to simply just use a wide comb. One can also get rid of their knots by just using their fingers alone but it is advisable to use a wide comb. While combing, it is much easier and convenient to start from the ends of your hair and then slowly work your way upwards.

Changing up hairstyles now and then 

Of course, style serves as a form for you to express yourself but going to a salon and changing your hairstyle every now and then can actually cause some damage to your hair. If you’re visiting a salon in Chennai or any other place for that matter, it is better to stick to one particular hairstyle for some time before you change your hairstyle to something else. 

Shampoo your hair wisely 

When you’re going to apply shampoo on your hair, it is advisable to use little shampoo and not too much. Also shampooing your hair everyday is bad for your hair as it makes your hair become too dry. Regardless of the pollution in your region, one must maximum shampoo up to two to three times per week. It is also good if one uses a shampoo that is sulfate free to avoid excessive dryness of your hair. One can visit a lady’s salon or a unisex salon and ask tips from the salon hair stylist on what shampoo to use.      

Avoid too much exposure to heat 

Avoid exposing yourself to too much heat. Too much heat is bad for your hair. One must limit themselves from going out too much in the sun and also from using styling tools too often as it can spoil the overall hair structure.


As mentioned earlier, taking care of your hair is really super important and it is not always about style. The above-mentioned tips are not just about making your hair look great but it is also about mainly and above all taking good care of yourself. Apart from home hair care, if you want to visit a salon and take up some hair care services then all you have to do is just search up for “best hair salon in Chennai” or “professional salon near me” and you will find Limelite hair salon and spa. Limelite hair salon and spa offers amazing hair care services for both men and men and also provide salon offer packages that are a steal for customers.  

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