What Hairstyle Suits You According To Your Face Shape? 


Like your attires, haircuts aren’t one-size-fits-all. Hairstyles come in different shapes and sizes, and in the same way, some hairstyles work better for certain types of faces than others. If you are planning to get a new hairstyle, it is necessary to know the hairstyle that suits you best. To make it easier, Limelite Salon and Spa, a premium unisex hair salon, is here with a blog. The blog will take you through the different hairstyles and how you can make them work for your face shape. 

How to understand your face shape? 

The primary step in understanding which hairstyle suits you the best is determining your face shape. Pull back your hair and pay attention to the length and width of individual facial features. The most vital dimensions to focus on are the length of the face, the width of the forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and chin. While observing these dimensions, you will be able to figure out which face shape you are in and commit to a haircut that is most suited to your facial proportions. Take a look at the illustration below to understand different face types better.  

How to choose the best haircut for your face type?  

  • Best haircuts for triangle faces – Classic tapers and low fades that build width on the sides are the best choices for triangle faces. These haircuts work great for men who have curly or thick hair. Pair up your tapered or faded sides with a long comb over, pompadour, quiff, textured brush up, or messy hair, and you are good to go!  
  • Best haircuts for oval faces – If you are someone with an oval face shape, consider styling your hair up and off of your face. Limelite Salon and Spa hair stylists recommend that the trick to achieving a perfect haircut for this face shape is to create volume and angles on top. Ideal haircuts for an oval face type are buzz cut, man buns, faux hawk, crew cut, side parts, fades, undercut, and quiffs.  
  • Best haircuts for round faces – Since round or spherical faces have little in the way of natural angles, you need to create the illusion of structure with your haircut. A style with height on the top with an inclination towards the sides, such as a pompadour, flat top, sleek side part, or classic swept-back quiff, works the best for round faces. If you have a longer, rounder face, consider having a few front fringes as they help your head appear shorter.  
  • Best haircuts for oblong faces – Also considered a rectangular face shape or long face shape, oblong faces fall somewhere between an oval and a square; but require a subtly tweaked haircut to ensure that the face does not appear even longer than it is. Limelite, one of the best hair salons in Chennai, hair stylists suggest that short spikes, medium-length crew cut, buzz cut with light stubble, classic side part, and edgy fade go well with this face type. 
  • Best haircuts for diamond faces – With a narrow chin and brows and wide cheeks, the diamond face shape is one of the rare face shapes for men. Because of that, it needs men’s hair salon experts to make sure it looks like its namesake. For this shape, haircuts that add width to the forehead and chin area are the perfect picks. Textured crops, fringes, and longer haircuts will accentuate the forehead and enhance the overall appearance. 
  • Best haircuts for square faces – Considered the masculine ideal, a square face shape has a razor-sharp jawline, even proportions, and an overall chiseled look. From buzz cuts to French crops and classy fades to quiffs, most haircuts work fine with this face type, and it is versatile enough to work with both short and long haircuts.  
  • Best haircuts for heart-shaped faces – With broad temples and hairline, gradually narrowing to a point at the chin, the heart-shaped face benefits from a few optical illusions to make it appear better proportioned. Pursue longer, softer styles like a mid-length side-swept part, layered quiff, or textured fringe to emphasize literal sharpness. 

We hope you found this blog informative and helpful! Do consider dropping by at Limelite Salon and Spa! Limelite is a premium hair salon in Chennai, that aims to give you, the customer, the very best experience! Whether it’s just a haircut or a keratin treatment, olaplex treatment, or our special Kerastase fusio dose – when you are at Limelite, our dedicated team of professionals will ensure that you are well taken care of! To know more about our services or to book an appointment with us, call us at the number mentioned on our website. We always have offers you wouldn’t want to miss, and we would love to have you in our salon. Thank you! 

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