Step-by-Step Guide on Pre-Bridal Services and Packages

Marriage is one of the most important occasions in a couple’s life. While collectively, it could be a precious affair, marriages are meant to be further than just the bridegroom and bachelor celebrating their love for a day; they’re social events which also celebrate the joyful union of families- from musketeers to cousins. Also, read about how to pick the right makeup artist for your marriage day. Also, read about how to pick the right makeup artist for your wedding day.

To prepare for an upcoming day of your married life, it’s important to not only plan in advance but also practice a healthy amount of stress reduction. The following is a list of important skincare practices that you should employ months before the big day. As you can imagine there are many details to consider and any redness or rashes on your face will not go unnoticed, which will give others the impression that you don’t know what you’re doing

What is a Pre-Wedding Session?

A bride is always an object of envy! Her wedding albums, pictures and video material make huge demand worldwide. Skilled photographers are needed on the event day to shoot every single moment from her preparation to her wedding gown and walking down the aisle with her fiancé.

Pre bridal packages and sessions are all about body care, getting extra hair taken care of, exfoliating the skin and even making sure your nails are sparkling clean. The bride-to-be can start these sessions as early as two months prior to the wedding day.

It’s important to take into account that overall health is also an important factor in being beautiful and healthy. Dermatologists will be able to tell you whether or not a certain type of facial treatment, hair straightening or laser treatment is worth your while. By the way, get ready for marriage sessions with glam all over from top to bottom!

Why Should a Bride Have a Pre-Bridal Wedding Session? 

That peach fluff may not seem like a big deal, but you don’t want it in your wedding photos. Therefore, pre-wedding treatments are extremely important to have healthy and radiant skin on your wedding day and post-wedding too.

What’s in a Pre–Bridal Session?

There are a few basic things that all brides need to do in their wedding preparation, and then there are other things that can really make all the difference.


If you have dry skin, facial cleansing can be a really good option for you. This will help improve your blood circulation and thus give you a healthy glow that everyone will notice. If you have oily skin, you might consider deep cleansing as an option. A quality facial mask could be quite beneficial to your skin because it won’t strip it of essential oils but also help shrink pores and even fight acne! 


Waxing is a great way to bring back smooth and soft skin. There are three kinds of wax that brides turn to before their special day: natural wax, aloe vera wax for oily skin, and chocolate wax for dry skin. Make sure to make an appointment four to five days prior to any function so that you can be certain you will look your best from head to toe on the big day.

3.Manicure and Pedicure

After months and years of neglect, your hands and feet are in desperate need of attention, especially if you’re the bride! Once every two weeks, you should schedule some time for a visit to the salon: a manicure and pedicure session. This is something that any bride should do just before her wedding as well as afterwards to keep things in check. That way you’ll be able to show off those hard-working hands and feet so that they can help you dazzle in more ways than one! More and more brides are getting creative with their nail art these days and truly making it an accessory in its own right!

4.Hair Treatments

When planning your wedding, it’s very important to remember to look after yourself. Your wedding day is a special occasion for both you and your family which means that you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of your preparations. An easy way to make sure everything goes without a hitch is by taking care of your hair beforehand. Keratin treatment is known to give stunning results so if you are indifferent about whether you’ll enjoy a new shade, why not consider getting a keratin hair spa at best hair salon in chennai? This treatment will give split-end free frizz-free shiny locks.

5.Pre-Bridal Body Polishing

This spa treatment simultaneously exfoliates and massages the skin similarly to a facial for your face, bringing a youthful glow all over the body. It’s just like a facial for your whole body! A single session takes about an hour and rewards you with beautifully smooth, silky skin that is ready to put your best foot forward at the most magnificent event of your life.

For all prospective brides, a reputable salon always provides efficient and personalised pre bridal makeup sessions. These sessions are customised to your needs, skin type, and your budget so you need not worry about the pre bridal package price. 

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