How do I choose the Best Eyebrow Shape that suits my Face?


Your eyebrows also serve as a powerful feature of your face and shaping them accordingly can enhance your beauty contributing to your overall facial features. It is important to understand your face type and also know how one must style and shape their eyebrows accordingly.  Whether it is straightened eyebrows or eyebrows with high arches or even eyebrows with soft curves, having the perfect balance of a good eyebrow shape and your face shape can complement your overall looks. If you’re in search of an eyebrow threading salon or the best hair salon in Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore then you must know one thing and that is Limelite salon and spa is hands down the best place to visit! 

In this guide, we are going to check out about what are the different eyebrow shapes and how to choose one that suits your face the best! 

Eyebrow shapes and what best suits your face

Rounded eyebrows 

Rounded eyebrows are shaped in the form of a gentle curve just like a rainbow, that starts with a gentle upward curve which gradually reaches its peak which is rounded and soft and then descends downwards. A lot of celebrities choose to go for Rounded eyebrows like for the fashion model Gigi Hadid, the American actress Jessica Albert or even the English actress Keira Knightley. This eyebrow shape best suits people who have a diamond face type. Rounded eyebrows, unlike arched eyebrow shape, provides the face with a softer complexion preventing one’s face from looking wide. If you’re looking to go in for a soft and redefined look then this is the eyebrow shape that you should go for.

Straight eyebrows

The shape of these eyebrows says it all! The shape of this eyebrow starts from one end and continues in a straight part and then later angles slightly down towards the end of the eye. People who are gifted with straight eyebrows don’t really have to do anything at all like styling it or changing its shape. The shape of these eyebrows itself gives a person a simplistic and at the same time an elegant look!  For people who are planning to style their eyebrows into this shape, this shape best suits people who have an oval shape. Famous celebrities such as Zendaya and Cara Delevingne are seen rocking these eyebrows! Looking for a hair and makeup salon in Chennai? Then say no further! Limelite salon and spa would definitely provide you with the eyebrow look you’re going for!

Arched eyebrows 

When it comes to arched eyebrows, there are lots of ways that people play around with this shape customizing it according to one’s liking. Arched eyebrows can be categorized into the following:

High arched eyebrows: High arched eyebrows are eyebrows that go upwards with a noticeable curve near its tail. If you’re looking to stand out from others and to add a little bit of drama to your eyes then High arched eyebrows is your way to go! 

Arched toward the center: If you have a natural arch towards the center then that’s totally fine! All you have to do is visit the best salon for eyebrow shaping, if not a good salon for eyebrows and ask the concerned staff there to gently and neatly remove all the unwanted hair from your eyebrows so that you can have a soft and clean look!

Arched near the tail: These eyebrows basically have an arch that is closer to the tail of an eyebrow. Since the arch is located near the tail of the eyebrow, the curve appears to be gentle. This type of style makes your eyebrows look elegant and well defined!

Subtle arched eyebrows : The arch of the eyebrows is slightly curved and it is barely noticeable. This eyebrow shape gives the person a minimalistic look and it is very easy to maintain with less effort required. 

Arched eyebrows can be rocked by people with different face styles but it is best suited for people who have a round or a square face shape. Several celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Meghan are seen dominating this look! 

Thick eyebrows: If it’s not thin, then it’s thick! People who have natural thick shaped eyebrows are quite lucky indeed because it gives the person a bold and confident look. For people who have thin eyebrows and want to achieve this look, it is quite a task indeed as they have to groom their eyes to perfection or have to put on extra makeup to make their eyes appear thicker. Thick eyebrows best suit people with an oval face. 

Celebrities such as Anthony Davis and Chandler Kinney are seen perfecting this eyebrow shape.

Long tailed eyebrows 

The tail of these eyebrows appears to be longer and stretched out exceeding way past the outer corner of the eye. This eyebrow shape makes your face pop up and in return makes your eyes look more open. Long tailed eyebrows are suited best for people with a round face shape. Celebs like Bella Hadid and Hailee Steinfeld are seen killing this style!

S curved eyebrows 

The shape of these eyebrows dive slightly down and then rises up to form a curve that in turn makes the eyebrows look in the shape of the letter “S”. This shape gives the person a soft and compelling look, making the person look cute and attractive! If you’re in a hunt to find a premium hair salon in Chennai to provide your eyes with a well-defined look then Limelite salon and spa is the perfect place for you! S shaped eyebrows seem to be the most flattering for people with a round face shape. Celebrities like Penelope Cruz and Gwen Stefani are seen around with this eyebrow style. 

Pointed or tapered eyebrows 

Pointed or tapered eyebrows are eyebrows whose shape appears thick towards the nose and gradually becomes thinner towards the outer corner of the eye.  Pointed eyebrows even though are suited for various face types, best suits round face type! Celebrities such as Olivia Culpo and Anushka Sharma are seen nailing this eyebrow look! If you are googling for  “hair salon near me” you will surely find our website and when you do, just surf through our website and have a look at what all we have to offer!


As mentioned earlier. Understanding what style suits your face shape the best is important. If you’re interested in trying out either men’s hair services or women’s hair services, then all you have to do is directly visit one of our branches or check out our website or send us a direct message on Instagram to book yourself an appointment! 

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