Are Hair Salon Treatments Worth it? Which Works Best For Your Hair?

They say hair can make or break your look. And we couldn’t agree more! While haircuts or hair spas are a basic routine, you can easily elevate your look with hair treatments that will last longer. If you are experimental you could go for hair colouring and if you are looking to enhance the health and look of your hair, you could go for treatments like keratin, and moisture treatments in the best hair salon in chennai. Limelite salon and spa will tell you everything you need to know about hair treatments, so you can make an informed choice for your precious locks.

There are plenty of benefits to going to a professional hair salon. 

1.A regular  visit with your stylist is important as they will be well-equipped to guide you to choose the right salon service for you.

2.They can help you identify a fresh look for you since they would be well-trained and use the best styling techniques.

3.A salon and spa visit means you can be assured of having a relaxed day. Pampering yourself, indulging in hair care treatments or getting a makeover would greatly boost your confidence and reduce your stress levels.

4.Everything is about the experience. Going to a professional salon means you will get the best customer service from trained experts who will ensure you have a good time.

5.Right from the selection of tools to the products, salons will always use the right ones that suit your hair.

The next step is having all the information beforehand, so you can decide what treatment to get. 

1.Check your scalp for any small cuts or abrasions, since this could lead to infection.

2.Every treatment is different for different hair. There is no one-size fits all for anyone. Before getting your hair coloured or chemically straightened, ask your stylist which treatment would suit you best based on your hair texture – straight, curly, wavy or frizzy hair.

3.Know what ingredients are going to be used in your hair, their side effects, how to care for them and the process of the treatment.

4.Ask your stylist if you have a deep condition or get a hair spa before getting the treatment. If you go in for a bleach it is advisable to do deep conditioning since the bleaching process will strip your hair of all essential oils. This will help maintain your hair’s structural integrity.

5.Try to get a hair spa done once a month after your treatment to keep those locks nourished and hydrated.

Choosing the right salon is the next most important step. Here are some tips that will help you zero in on the best salon in Chennai. 

1.Read about the salon you want to visit and what their previous customers feel about their experience there.

2.Check out their social media handles and see the kind of treatments, cuts and styles they do to know if that is something you would like as well.

3.Look up photos of their interiors to get a look and feel of the place. Check if the seating looks comfortable, the ambience looks nice, and the place is clean and well-maintained.

4.When you book an appointment, be very clear about your expectations and ask upfront if it can be done according to your taste.

5.It helps if they give a consultation before proceeding with any treatment.

6.A salon that embraces technology is always a safe bet. Having stylists who utilise the latest advancements is a sign that the salon is highly informed and professional. Using the latest innovations may reduce the time taken and give you a better result.

7.You may be searching for “salon offers package” or “hair spa price in salon” to get the best price. But beware. Don’t fall for shallow offers and compromise on the quality of the treatment. Whatever treatment you get will last for more than a couple of months. And more importantly, if wrongly done, it can cause high damage to your hair. So, choose wisely.

8.Ensure the salon is well-ventilated since keratin treatment involves the use of formaldehyde, which is harmful if inhaled.

9.Your stylist should be able to mention the names of the brands used and if the treatment you want to get will involve formaldehyde and how much will they use it.

As part of knowing everything you need to know about getting a hair treatment at a salon in Chennai, you also need to be aware of the pros and cons. 


1.Whether you colour your hair or bleach it or get it straightened or permed, every style is a way to express and is a reflection of your personality.

2.Choosing the right colour for your hair can help you enhance your natural features.

3.Getting a keratin treatment saves a lot of your time styling it every day.

4.It is less damaging than heat-styling your hair every day.

5.Keratin treatment re-bonds and strengthens your hair.

6.Your hair won’t get frizzy even in humid weather.

7.Post keratin treatment, your blow-drying time will be reduced by 40% since treated hair dries faster.


1.If your hair is sensitive, bleaching or chemically straightening may weaken your hair and damage protective proteins that shield it from harsh UV rays or extreme humidity.

2.Treatments can alter the thickness and texture of your hair.

3.Maintenance can be a costly affair with specialised products according to the treatment and your hair type.

4.There could be a loss in hair volume which may lead to hair fall if not maintained properly.

5.They last only for 3 to 6 months and your natural hair will clash with the straightened hair and make your hair look odd.

Limelite Salon and Spa is the right makeover salon for you with a variety of hair treatments that would help you enhance your look. 

Hair colour

Highlights, global colouring, fashion streaks, non-ammonia colouring, balayage, single streak or root touch-up. We have it all, so you can express your style the way you want.


Add strength to your hair while colouring it too with our range of Olaplex treatments.

Texturising treatments

Get just your fringes or crown straightened or smoothened. Or you can try a partial straightening or complete hair smoothening or get a keratin treatment or even go for a Brazilian keratin. The choices are plenty and our skilled stylists will help you choose the right one according to your need and hair type. Choosing the best salon in Chennai for the right treatment for you needn’t be difficult. Just call us for an appointment and we’ll direct you to our nearest salon and help you choose the right salon package for you.

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