25 Trendiest Hairstyle with Bangs for Women | How to choose and Maintain

Bangs are a divisive subject. They are frequently loved or hated by others. What the greatest hairstyles will be for your hair length and texture if you’re ready to take the plunge and get bangs? We have you covered with our selection of the top haircuts for long, short, and medium-length hair that can be worn with bangs. The good news is that women with curly hair can also wear bangs. Hairstyles with wavy bangs are actually very common and stunning. There are bangs hairstyles for every length and personal style, from boho-inspired shaggy fringe to airy pixie cuts. Although bangs may seem frightening, we have you covered. For whatever hair length, these are the best hairstyles for girls with bangs, so go all out when you visit your hair salon the next time.

25 of the Trendiest Hairstyles with Bangs

1.Blunt Bob

This haircut for women with bangs is a classic look that never goes out of style!

2.Hairstyle with a Scarf 

Tie your hair up and add a stylish accessory! This style is great for lazy days.

3.Curly Lob 

Now, we know, this is a bit of a risky option for many. But when done right, it will give you a gorgeous effortless look.

4.Retro Half-Up 

If you feel like you’ve got a basic cut, this will definitely help spice things up.

5.Middle Part with Bangs

This style paired with wavy hair will give you a boho chic sort of style.

6.Long Layer Cut with Bangs

Shaggy Bangs and long layers make the perfect combination!

7.High Pony

Another classic look. Having your hair slicked back is beautiful, but there’s something unique about having bangs to frame your face.

8.Long Pixie Cut 

If you’re bold enough, this is the perfect cut for you! A longer pixie gives you more styling options.

9.Low Bun 

This is a classy, elegant look that is so easy to achieve.

10.Straight Boho Style 

The ultimate 70’s look. With a feather cut with side bangs, you can add some volume to your super straight hair.

11.Curly Top-Knot 

This is a gorgeous hairstyle that looks even better with some bangs. If you’re not ready to commit to having bangs, you can take out a few strands to frame your face.

12.Curtain and Parted Bangs 

This style of bangs with long locks is the perfect retro hairstyle.

13.Teased and Pinned Back 

If you feel like your bangs are just falling flat, try this! Using a comb, tease and pin them back.

14.High Bun 

This is a hairstyle that looks good no matter the occasion, whether it to work or out for a special occasion.

15.Pixie Feather Cut with Bangs 

For those who loved a textured look, this is the hairstyle for you! A feather cut with front bangs looks great too.

16.Side Twists

Are the bangs getting in your eyes and annoying you? This cute hairstyle can solve that!

17.Wispy Bangs 

This is such a sweet look that looks even better if you pull put a few strands of hair to enhance the look.

18.Grown-Out Shag

The perfect blend of retro and contemporary! Say goodbye to bad hair days.

19.Classic Bangs 

Classic bangs will never go out of style. They’re great in how there are so many ways in which you can style them!

20.Baby Bangs

Baby bangs are super trendy. You can enhance your look by giving the bangs a piece-y look.


Do you have bangs that are a bit overgrown and you don’t want to cut them? You don’t have to. Get side bangs for Indian hair. Side-swept bangs will bring your whole look together.

22.Messy Fringe 

This is perfect for a tousled look that not only frames your forehead but your entire face and gives you an effortless look.

23.Side part and a Bob

Change up the typical bob with some thick bangs and a side part.

24.Short Sparse Bangs

This simple hairstyle can be paired with anything and still look stunning.

25.Spiky Bangs 

If you’ve got short hair, you can effortlessly style your bangs. All you need is a bit of texture and you’re good to go. 

Choosing Bangs that Suit your Face Shape

1.For Round Face Shapes 

If you’ve got a round face shape, you can try curtain bangs, side-swept bangs or micro bangs. While curtain bangs are super versatile and look great on any and every face shape, a side-swept fringe is the go-to for many with round face shapes. The angles of your hair will accentuate your features and give your face a longer and more oval-like shape. Micro bangs are great too in that there is a lot of space between your eyebrows and the bangs. This will give your face a more elongated look.

2.For Square Face Shapes

Long layered bangs, A-shaped bangs and Birkin bangs are the way to go for square face shapes. The softness from the long-layered bangs will balance things out if you’ve got an especially square jawline. Similarly, the A-shape of the bangs will create an illusion and soften your jawline once again. The tapered ends will take the attention away from your cheeks, which tend to be wider, and draws attention to your eyes.

3.For Heart Face Shapes 

Baby bangs, crescent bangs and wispy bangs are great for heart face shapes. The baby bangs will pull all the attention to your eyes and accentuate them. Crescent bangs on the other hand will bring attention to the point on your chin. Wispy bangs are especially great if you’ve got straighter hair or even a wavy texture. They’re effortless especially if you’ve got short haircuts.

4.For Oval Face Shapes 

Oval face shapes can try bottleneck bangs, medium bangs and softened blunt bangs. Oval face shapes generally look great with any type of fringe. Bottleneck bangs are shorter in the middle and gradually get longer. They frame your eyes beautifully. Medium bangs are similar to micro bangs but aren’t as short and look great, especially with curly hair types. Soft-blunt bangs are extra flattering on oval face shapes. If you’ve got more of an elongated chin or mouth, they can draw attention away from that.

5.For Long Face Shapes 

Grown-out bangs, angled side bangs, and grown-out curtain bangs flatter longer face shapes. Grown-out bangs are so easy to style and give you more to work with. You can be strategic with angled bangs to decide which area of your face you want people’s attention on. While short bangs will only increase the disproportion on your face, longer bangs do the opposite. They will frame your face just right. 

How to Style your Hair with Bangs?

As soon as you get out of the shower, blow out your bangs while your hair is still dripping wet. Your bangs dry more quickly than you may expect, and as soon as you let them air dry, their natural shape—which doesn’t normally work for most people—begins to take hold. Your outcomes will be better the earlier you begin styling.

The best brush for styling bangs is a small round boar-bristle brush because the tightly packed bristles capture every hair and let you apply just the appropriate amount of stress.

When your bangs are completely dry, hold your hair dryer over your head with the vent facing down towards your forehead. This eliminates any cowlicks and guarantees that your bangs hang straight. Finally, tuck the ends under.

Finish by using a flat iron to flatten your bangs and secure the form while taming frizz. Take vertical portions across your face, starting on one side. Using a thin flat iron that can reach all the way up to the root, can be done most effectively.

Accept your natural texture if blow-drying is not an option. Twist your bangs instead than attempting to make them fall straight. Bangs should be parted at the part, twisted outward, pushed to one side, and left alone until your hair is completely dry. Your bangs won’t dry in a variety of directions thanks to this.

Less is more when it comes to styling products and your bangs. Use any product as usual, but first apply it to your hair, and then only use what’s left for your bangs on your hands. Any more, and by noon you’ll have greasy fringe.

Maintain your Bangs Effortlessly!

Let’s talk about upkeep; this is crucial if you don’t already have bangs but are considering obtaining them. You must fully understand how much work you must put in to keep your fringes in place.

Make salon appointments at the very least once every six weeks for a skilled bang trim. Although it may seem common, your bangs actually grow very fast. You can maintain your bangs using things like dry shampoo or a flat iron. If you want a bit of a lift, velcro rollers are a great option. If you’ve got a curlier hair pattern, you can use a diffuser to set your bangs.

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