Why should you opt for open hair style for wedding

Planning your wedding is a special task, but a stressful one too! Will everything go according to plan, will your outfit be exactly how you imagined? And what about your hair? That’s one of the most important parts, and it needs to suit your outfit too. Don’t worry, it’s completely normal for brides to want things to be absolutely perfect! There are many ways to style your hair and it can all get confusing. You can experiment beforehand with styles before settling on one for your special day. Limelite salon has got you! Keep reading to see some of our favourite looks that you can give a try! 

Why an Open Hairstyle for Wedding?

Having your hair pinned up for an entire occasion can be a lot of stress on your head. The brides that don’t want to deal with clips, pins, and the weight of it all, can opt for open-hair hairstyles! The best part about them is that you can style your hair no matter what length it is and have it look gorgeous. If you’re going for a contemporary look for your wedding, an open-hair hairstyle is guaranteed to complement your look! You don’t have to stick to the traditional bun. If you’re ready to ditch the bun and look utterly graceful on your special day, check out some of the trendiest open-hair hairstyles below! 

The Trendiest Open Hairstyles for Bride 

1.Wavy Hair that’s Pinned 

So modern, you can’t help but love it! This chic hairstyle is so effortlessly beautiful. To achieve it, just blow dry your hair and go in with a curler at the ends. This is great if you don’t want a hairstyle that is too polished. Adding accessories and some flowers will surely enhance the look. 

2.Half up, Half Down with Braid

This is a look that will work well for your photographs. It will bring out the best of your face shape and highlight your features. You can put your own spin on the type of braids. Currently, twisted braids are trending and will look stunning! You can incorporate curls once again and curl the ends of your hair. 

3.Middle Part with Curls 

Based on your liking, the curls can be styled as loose or tight. This style is super easy to achieve! You can touch up your hair anytime with the curling wand if you feel like your curls need some more definition and bounce. For a more natural look, just run your fingers through your hair to loosen the curls up a bit.

4.Pinned Puff 

If curls are not for you, then this style is perfect! It’s super hassle-free yet so elegant. The puff can be as dramatic or subtle as you’d like. Use pins or other accessories to hold your hair in place and give it that extra sparkle! 

5.Waterfall Braid 

Want to embrace your straight hair? A waterfall braid is the way to go! This style is more on the complex side and might require the help of an expert. Dropping into a salon such as Limelite Salon and Spa will solve all your problems! This look is so sophisticated and you can have your open hair style with flowers or other accessories. 

6.Side Swept Curls 

We know most girls have a preference for which side their hair falls. With this hairstyle, you can choose the side you favour and curl your hair. If you’re worried about your hair moving around, you can use some pins to hold it in place and be worry-free! 

7.Twisted Hair 

This one is for our brides with long, gorgeous hair! You can softly twist your hair depending on how much you want. Open hair style with flowers are beautiful so tiny flowers can be added in as well. 

8.Twisted Waves 

This one is considerably easier than the previous one because all you have to do is blow dry your hair and curl it in a way that gives it a wavy appearance. You only need to separate the tops of your hair on the two sides and twist and pin them in a way that defines your face once you’ve accomplished the effect waves in your hair. For the ideal aesthetic for your Mehndi or Haldi event, add a flowery Passa.

9.Fishtail Braid Crown 

The fishtail braid crown might be your ideal substitute if you adore the waterfall braid but don’t desire a straight hairstyle. This one uses the customary half-up, half-down hairdo to create a straightforward fishtail braid crown. It is a cutting-edge, stylish open hairdo for the Roka or Mehndi ceremony. It is a simple hairdo that will keep you free of worry.

10.Hair Pushed Back 

This is one of the simple open hairstyles for weddingsAnother great option is pushing all your hair at the back and styling it into curls or waves to have it look classy. You can accessorise by adding some jewellery. If you’re up for heavier jewellery, that’s great too! This is a great option as your hair will all be in the back and won’t bother you during the occasion. You can have some face-framing pieces hanging in front to give your face some definition. 

Pros and Cons of Open Hair Wedding Hairstyle

The Pros 

1.Stand Out 

It’s great to see brides make their special day their own and break away from traditions and try out new looks rather than the traditional buns. As a bride with an open hairstyle, you’re sure to stand out in the best way possible! 

2.More Casual 

If you’re worried about your hair being “too much” open hairstyles are great for casual, carefree looks. Using your dupatta or veils, you can improvise and make improvements. 

3.Show off your Hair

When you’ve got gorgeous hair, what’s the use of hiding it? Open hairstyles give you the chance to put on display your beautiful mane rather than tucking it away into a bun. 

4.It’s Flattering 

Some brides might have face shapes that are on the rounder side. Buns and updos aren’t the most flattering for these face shapes, but open hair bridal looks surely are! The best part is that they are flattering for all face shapes. 

5.Suits all Looks 

With open hairstyles, and the various ways in which you can style it, it suits just about any type of look you’re going for for your wedding. For instance is you’re thinking of a boho or contemporary style, an open hair bridal hairstyle will go beautifully with the theme compared to updos. 

The Cons 

1.Not Setting

One of the main issues that you might face with open hairstyles is how they won’t be as “set” compared to buns and such. The amount of pins and clips you would use to keep the hair in place won’t be there in an open hairstyle. If you’re wearing a veil or a dupatta, this too won’t be as set in place with your hairstyle. 

2.Limited Option 

There’s a chance that you might find you’ve run out of hairstyle options you could choose for your wedding day, especially if your hair is on the shorter side and you don’t have much length to work with. Most brides only opt for a side-swept look or just leave it loose altogether. 

3.Similar Looks 

If your wedding is over the span of a few days and you wear your hair open for the Sangeet or Mehandhi days, you might feel as though your looks are repetitive if you have an open hairstyle for reception too.  

4.Getting Tangled 

There’s a chance that if you’re wearing long earrings and other accessories, that they might get tangled in the ornaments. That’s not something any bride wants to have to worry about on their big day. 

5.Frizzy or Flat 

At the end of the day, there’s a chance your hair won’t look the way it did at the beginning of the day. It might end up being too frizzy or might end up being too flat. You might have to use a lot of product to keep your hair in place. 

At the end of the day, the call is yours. It depends on what you feel most comfortable in and what will make your glow on a day that is all about creating special memories. For a long time, buns were the tradition and it’s okay to break away from that and rock open hair hairstyle for wedding that are just as dainty and elegant! Brides with open hair will look just as gorgeous. 

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