Best Salon Hair Spa for Men & Women Benefits and Price

You must have seen many of your friends flaunting their gorgeous soft locks and wished you had the same, haven’t you? Maybe you searched for “hair spa near me with price” or “best hair spa near me” Soft, beautiful, and most importantly healthy hair isn’t hair to achieve. All you need is a hair spa from one of Chennai’s best hair salons. Not only will a hair spa make your hair look good, but it will be well nourished too. There are different types of hair spas like a Kerastase, L’oreal, Moroccan and Keratin hair spa. This will depend on your hair and its needs. Though a hair spa might seem expensive, they are necessary from time to time, so it’s worth investing in. Don’t worry about the “hair spa cost near me”

What is a Hair Spa?

Everyone is aware that a hair spa is a revitalising hair treatment. A hair spa can be your one-stop shop for all of your hair care needs if you have dry, greasy, damaged, unruly, and breakage-prone hair. Your hair may be left feeling silky and smooth.

A hair spa is a pleasant and calming hair care procedure that salons provide to revive hair. Your hair becomes softer, smoother, and shinier, and the texture and look of your hair are improved. It lessens the damaging effects that pollution, the elements, filth, and UV radiation have on hair. It turns hair from being dry and brittle into having moisture and gorgeous tresses. Keep reading to find out more about the hair spa rates! 

(above) Indian hair spa before and after

Who Should Opt for a Hair Spa and When?

Did you know that by taking care of your hair with hair spa treatments, you might get rid of the majority of hair and scalp issues? These typical hair issues can be effectively resolved with hair spa treatments:

  • Hair Thinning
  • Balding Hair
  • Hair Loss
  • Brittle, Dry Hair
  • Dry and Itchy Scalp and Coarse Hair
  • Gradual Hair Growth
  • Dandruff
  • Greasy Scalp

You may be suffering one or more of these hair issues if you recently underwent any chemical hair treatments, such as colouring, rebonding, bleaching, smoothening, perming, or curling. A fantastic technique to lessen the harm caused by chemical hair treatments is to visit a nourishing hair spa.

Hair Spa for Men 

Women are no longer the only ones who can visit salons and beauty salons. You might have also searched for “men’s hair spa near me” or “hair spa for men near me” When it comes to caring for the health of their body, skin, and hair, men require a similar level of attention. Men are just as susceptible to the negative effects of UV rays, pollution, stress, and other causes. While the majority of guys have started having facials for healthy skin, getting a hair spa is becoming increasingly popular. Think of hair spas as facials for your hair instead of your skin. Here are a few advantages of men’s hair spas that should make it clear why guys should choose to visit one. Additionally, a hair spa is helpful for both treating your hair problems and preserving the overall health of your hair.

A boys’ hair spa can help you get a healthier, cleaner, and more moisturised scalp, which can help with many hair health problems like dryness, dullness, patchiness, etc. Many guys experience these problems, but they don’t fully comprehend them until the damage has already been done. The results of a hair spa for boys remain for around a month, and frequent visits might finally help you get your healthy natural hair back.

Hair Spas for Women 

Your hair is constantly under stress from various environmental and lifestyle factors on a daily basis. With intense hydration, a hair spa can fix this. After all, a good foundation is absolutely essential. A ladies’ hair spa will treat your scalp, treat your roots and hair follicles, and ensure that it is healthy and does not break off easily due to excessive damage. It will provide complete nourishment. You will be able to see a change in your hair texture and notice it becoming smoother. Getting a hair spa done is one of the most popular recommendations when it comes to women trying to restore their hair back to its natural healthy state. Many hair-related problems can be solved with a hair spa. Keep reading to know about the various hair spa benefits and to see how after a hair spa how your hair looks.

What Does a Hair Spa Do?

Going to the salon for a hair spa is a different experience. Here are the benefits of a hair spa in a parlour!

1.Reduces Hair Fall 

Hair spa products directly affect the hair roots, reviving your scalp as a result. The strengthening impact of a hair spa can assist in preventing hair loss by strengthening the hair follicles. The likelihood is that if you consistently visit a hair spa, your hair will eventually appear thicker and much healthier. You can enquire about which hair spa is best for hair fall.

2.Reduces Stress 

Hair massage is one of the most crucial procedures in a hair spa. The blood circulation in your scalp can be improved with a good and effective hair massage, which also serves as a fantastic stress reliever. This encourages more oxygen and nutrients to reach your scalp, which encourages healthy hair.

3.Stabilises Oil Secretion 

Sebum, a natural oil produced by our scalp, is crucial for a healthy scalp. Damage can cause your scalp’s sebum production to decrease, which can either result in clogged pores and oily hair or a dry scalp and dandruff. Depending on your hair problem, a hair spa can assist in restoring regular oil production. The hair won’t attract dirt and other particles to attach to the scalp until the oil production returns to normal. This will clear up dandruff buildup and leave your scalp cleaner.

4.Moisturises Hair 

By giving it enough moisture, regular hair spa treatments can assist in getting rid of dry and damaged hair. This best hair spa for frizzy hair has a moisturising effect, particularly when you steam with essential oils, which can help you restore moisture that has been lost. Gaining natural suppleness and regaining shine and lustre are both possible with its aid. Enquire about which hair spa is best for frizzy hair.

5.Decrease in Dandruff 

Does a hair spa remove dandruff? Yes, it does! Hair spas can aid in preserving the pH balance of the hair, which aids in getting rid of bacteria and dead cells that can lead to dandruff. You can contact the salon to find out which hair spa is best for dandruff, and the hair spa dandruff treatment price. The hair spa dandruff treatment.

6.Unclogs Pores 

Your scalp has to be cleaned just like the rest of your body. Numerous hair problems might be attributed to clogged pores. Clearing clogged pores can stimulate new hair growth.

7.Improves Blood Circulation 

In addition to making you feel good, massages improve blood flow to your scalp. This provides the follicles with nutrition, strengthening and firming them up. Eventually, it may also lead to thicker hair.

8.Repairs Damaged Hair 

Frequent hair colouring, bleaching, the use of hot styling equipment, pollution, stress, poor diet, and other factors can all harm your hair. The damage to your hair can be repaired with the use of hair spa treatments, restoring its softness, health, and lustre.

A Hair Salon Procedure at the Salon 

Here are the steps for a parlour hair spa. Shampooing, hair masks, massages, and steaming are common procedures for hair spas. The format of the steps, however, may differ from parlour to parlour just as the hair spa rate in parlours will differ.


On freshly cleaned hair, a hair spa treatment is most effective. Brush your hair thoroughly after shampooing to remove any tangles and knots. Divide it into four to five pieces so you can properly apply the mixture. While sectioning your hair, if it seems particularly dry, mist it with rosewater or plain water to give it a little mist.

2.Hair Mask 

The most crucial phase of your hair spa is this. You must apply a serum-like mask to your hair and let it sit for a short period of time. The mask is intended to feed and strengthen your hair follicles while also removing dryness and flaking from your scalp. This gives it a smooth, vibrant, and frizz-free appearance.


Next, your hair will be given a gentle massage for around 15 minutes. This promotes deep conditioning and blood circulation. Additionally, it makes sure that the mask gets into every crevice of your hair and scalp. To increase the effects of the hair mask, you can also wrap a warm cloth around your hair as an alternative.


Similar to a facial but a little different, the steam is directed towards your hair. As a result, your scalp’s pores can open up and the product you previously applied to your scalp will be more likely to absorb.


Lastly, the mask will be rinsed off with some shampoo. After the conditioner is applied and rinsed off, the hair is then towel-dried and air-dried. To complete the procedure, a frizz-protecting serum will be applied to your hair with a few drops applied evenly from the middle of the hair to the tips. Finally, you’ll have stunning-looking hair in no time!

I’ve Done a Hair Spa, When Can I Wash My Hair?

A hair spa is a treatment that improves the strength, smoothness, and attractiveness of our hair. But frequently, these lovely effects are short-lived, and our hair returns to its previous state, losing its shine and smoothness. You might not have given your hair special care after the hair spa, which could be the cause.

After a treatment, washing your hair may feel fantastic, but it actually strips it of its natural moisture. Additionally, this reduces the nourishing impact of a hair spa. Therefore, wait at least 2-3 days before washing your hair after receiving a hair spa treatment. You should also avoid styling your hair using heat immediately after the hair spa. The spa session is useless if you straighten or blow dry your hair because it will become super rough again. 

You can always talk to your salon professional and enquire about when you can wash your hair after a treatment. Ideally, you wouldn’t wash for at least 3 days.

How Long do Hair Spa Benefits Last?

Many individuals are interested in learning how long does the hair spa effect last and if hair spa lasts for how many days. The gist of the reply is that it depends on the person and the kind of care they receive. For instance, some people might only require occasional hair spa treatments, while others would require visits every other week or so. Your hair and scalp’s health are the most important factors.

Generally speaking, your hair spa benefits will last around 15-30 days in most cases.
Typically, at Limelite Salon and Spa, we will examine your hair first and then recommend the best products and best hair spa for your hair based on that examination. But how well you care for your hair after the hair spa depends on you. If you travel a lot or are going out in harsh climates or environments where the pollution is severe, chances are you will need a hair spa sooner than someone who stays at home more often or lives somewhere where the climate is better. 

If you want to maintain your hair and keep it as healthy as possible, you can visit the salon every 15-30 days for a hair spa to ensure your hair’s upkeep. If you were wondering how much a permanent hair spa costs, you should know that permanent hair spas are temporary, 

Can I do a Hair Spa at Home?

While you can and should occasionally schedule a salon hair spa treatment, you can try this simple hair spa at home for dry frizzy hair to give your hair the nourishment and conditioning it needs. If the Olaplex hair spa,  Enzo hair spa, Kerastase hair spa or the L’oreal hair spa price in the salon is on the higher side for you, try this instead!

Step 1: Oil 

To nourish the hair and promote blood flow to the scalp, start with an oil massage. For this hair massage, you can use any hair oil of your choosing. Excellent choices include olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, etc. because they are beneficial to hair and are widely available in the market. The minerals and good fats in these oils nourish the hair. A little head massage can help you unwind and reduce stress, which can also lead to hair problems including hair loss.

Step 2: Steam 

The next step is to apply steam to your hair to ensure that the nutrients from the oil adequately permeate your hair cuticle. If you have a steamer, you can use it for some steam on your hair. As an alternative, you may submerge a towel in hot water, wring out the excess, and then wrap it around your head. You can re-dunk the towel in hot water if it becomes cold. Spend no more than 10-15 minutes steaming your hair before moving on to the next stage.

Step 3: Shampoo 

It’s time to wash and clean your hair now. To wash your hair, you should ideally use a shampoo without sulphates. If not any mild shampoo that will effectively clean your hair without drying it out will do too. You can shampoo your hair again to completely remove any remaining oil and other dirt buildup if you feel that it was not properly cleaned.

Step 4: Hair Spa Cream 

Even if you perform a hair spa treatment at home, this is the most crucial step. Pick a handmade hair mask or a deep-conditioning hair spa cream. For 15 to 20 minutes, let the hair mask sit in your hair. If you’ve had treated hair, check out the best hair spa cream for keratin treated hair.

Step 5: Rinse 

The final step is to shampoo your hair gently. If you’d like, use your usual conditioner on your hair after shampooing. Never blow dry or rub your hair with a towel. Leave them naturally to dry. Your hair spa at home for frizzy hair will be a success! 

Just like that, your hair spa service at home is done!

How Much Does a Hair Spa Cost? 

Did you search for “hair spa price in salon near me” or “hair spa price near me” You’re in luck!  If you were wondering what is the hair spa cost in Bangalore and Chennai, The hair spa price in parlours will vary depending on each salon. The women’s  hair spa charges at Limelite salon for a deep nourishing hair spa start from Rs.1000 onwards. The men’s hair spa price starts from Rs. 1000. The hair spa treatment price will also vary for instance if it’s Keratin. So check the keratin hair spa price in the salon.

We hope you found this blog informative and helpful! Do consider dropping by at Limelite Salon and Spa! Limelite is a unisex hairsalon in chennai, that aims to give you, the customer, the very best experience! Whether it’s any hair salon services like trendy women haircutsmen haircut stylesbest hair cut for long hairhair highlights, feather haircut for women, layer haircut for women or a keratin treatmentolaplex treatmenthair smootheningmanicure and pedicurefoot reflexology or our special Kerastase fusio dose nail art or a simple haircare routine when you are at Limelite, our dedicated team of professionals will ensure that you are well taken care of! To know more about our services or to book an free consultation with us, call us at the number mentioned on our website. We always have offers you wouldn’t want to miss, and we would love to have you in our salon. Thank you! 

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